ASHTAR: Living In The New Age



ASHTAR has transmitted the eBook "Living In The New Age". He and his team would like to tune enthusiasts for the new and challenging age. With important tips and requests to the life and behaviour in the new energy the team is directed at us to cause extensive changes in the consciousness of the ones. Therefore the collective consciousness will also undergo a change and cause with it a gentler crossing in the new dimension.



His message:


"The energy rises and should be integrated. New light codings arrive and change the vibration and atmosphere. There is a lot to act. The earth climbs up, the planet has decided and the person will anew structure himself."



                  Page content:


                  ∞  Preface


                  ∞  Adaption to changes


                  ∞ Be carried


                  ∞ Freely develop


                  ∞ On God’s path stroll


                  ∞ Say hello to ALL


                  ∞ New healing possibilities


                  ∞ Capture all possibilities


                  ∞ Star travelling


                  ∞ Ashtar’s energetic greeting of blessing (energy picture)




115A  ASHTAR: LIVING IN THE NEW AGE - English edition


An eBook in the PDF – format, 14 pages


Investment:  12,-€



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