With the eBook Wake Up Beloved! 12 light messages are presented to you. Through them you get a stronger contact to your star family and to the star beings. They serve as a continuous support for the unfolding into the completion of your being and are a valuable gift to yourself.


The contained energies support your awakening process. You experience increases in vibration and the reconnection to your original light takes shape. With these energies you simultaneously awaken the qualities of your being and begin your path into lightness.


Healing processes and clarifications of your physical body as well as your energy system are initiated. You receive connections to higher levels of being and remember what you are in all your facets.


The messengers promote your expansion into the light. Their energies have a liberating effect on attachments, suffering and ego structures. They support your inspiration in growth processes and give you their unique healing gifts. Their sacred blessings are part of their light service to humanity.

This eBook can be the thrust on your path to wholeness.




         Content: The Messengers


        ∞ Preface


        ∞ The light beings of the star Comulus from the Galaxy Centaurus


        ∞ The light beings of the star Betelgeuse from the Orion system


        ∞ The light beings of the Andromeda Galaxy


        ∞ Ra - Egyptian sun God and universal consciousness


        ∞ The light brothers and sisters of Sirius


        ∞ God


        ∞ The Arcturians


        ∞ HNULUPTU from the Vega system


        ∞ Jesus the Christ


        ∞ The Pleiadians


        ∞ The Aldebarans


        ∞ The Sphinx of Giza






An eBook in PDF format, 13 pages.


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Healing possibilities of the universe


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