We love to look at the water, to take in the colours


and feel the flow of life within the water.


UNAR, Commander of the Starship UNEA





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The Starship UNEA ∞ The Healing of the Water



The light essence structure LE'UM NADEE has been elevated to the crystalline plane. Thus, new opportunities for service in the light arise.


As an ambassador for the starship UNEA you have another significant task with the possibility to place healing energies of the New Earth. Feel whether it is also your task to become active for water healing.




With your task you receive:


nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) Information about healing and application by the crew of UNEA


nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) The Peace Source Signature and the Stream Purity Signature


nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) Your individual Light Code for water healing


nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) The channelling of the Light Code as a free service




For the printing of the manual and the shipping by registered mail I ask for a shipping fee for registered mail international of 22,- Euro.


Depending on price increases at the post office or the printer, the details will be adjusted accordingly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the following eMail address:  contact@maat-lenaya.net

Depending on price increases at the post office or the printer, the details will be adjusted accordingly.


I am very happy to be able to offer you this service of being.  If you feel called to participate and if the healing of water through the UNEA crew convinces you, then please register as an ambassador for the healing of water via the contact form. Thank you very much.



Iris Kähler



Registration form




The message of the UNEA Starship  02/05/2022



02/15/2022 The Star Ship UNEA ∞ The Healing of Water



"For the protection of the oceans and the water resorts of Earth, we will assist all who are charged in their facilities to support the healing and nourishing of water and meaningfully contribute within the New Earth frequencies to restore the water to the purity that existed at the beginning of the creation of all water resources.


This water is charged with the particles of light and is infused with the oxygen for cellular growth, subtle activities and nourishment of aquatic life, plants and corals responsible for nutrient exchange.


The water structure receives a peace source signature and a current purity signature. In addition, the individual light codes of the ambassadors for the UNEA light essence structure LE'UM NADEE, which has been raised into the crystalline frequency of the New Earth to experience expanded adjustments in this vibration.


The LE'UM NADEE light essence structure also receives a sound frequency authorisation that adapts to the cosmic sound currents and expands them with its sound frequency. Resonances are created that result in widespread healings and light transformations.


We of UNEA are handing over to the Ambassadors who feel called to assist the Earth and its inhabitants in healing and raising the frequency, and who see the healing of water of all kinds as an active part of their mission, the necessary documentation for this endeavour, which was founded in love and care for life and is now entering a new era of being.


We look forward to working with you to make an important, honourable contribution in this phase of Ascension and Light alignment. Therefore, listen carefully to your heart vibration and receive the answers you need.


The UNEA water healing signatures, frequencies and crystal vibrations serve you as the light tools of the New Era that you are growing into. You are nurturing the vibration of healing and the expansion of the frequencies of Light on Earth.


We are by your side. May the best come of it and may the Light expand in the oceans of these Earth frequencies. Our blessings are with you. And at this point Unar joins in."





"With best wishes for your assignments, I accompany each and every one of you. The starship goes into resonance with all ambassadors. We are united by a sacred bond of light vibration and purpose for a peaceful and joyful being that is taking shape, and it is your strength and perseverance that is needed in the new energy of life on earth.


My love accompanies you. Decide wisely."




The message of a water molecule 05/08/2022



05/08/2022  Molecule of water



"I am a form of the molecule of water and speak for all molecules of water. Greetings, dear beings.


You too are made up of a large part of water. It flows through you and circulates within your physical bodies to sustain the building blocks of life. Water is essential, vital and of natural origin.


We as molecules, have always been built to stabilise the structure within the building blocks of life, to nourish them and sustain life. Environmental influences have greatly affected our purpose and reduced our specifications. The sound of water sank deep.


With the rebuilding of Mother Earth, water is also being rewritten and given essential building blocks for a recovery of the light structures that water parts can connect with to restore purity. Water is life, and all life dives into the water so that connections can be made. The sound of our water molecules also expands.


As the earth's vibration increases, we as an expression of water receive an adjustment. An internal help and an external help is provided so that our water structure heals, indeed it heals and connects with the divine substance. Oceans, lakes, streams and rivers heal in their own way. Everything is subject to the sound of healing and adapting to a new framework of molecules of light.


We continue to ask for help, mindfulness and consideration for our species. All beings are served when the water is kept pure and clear and the water is given the respect that extends to all living beings in the water. This process is one of heightened awareness, for respecting life in all forms serves one's life and all that includes the flow of life.


Our ecosystems graduate with the flow which we may experience as an equation for optimal adaptation. Thus we resonate with the degree of evolutionary adaptation for our expression of life. Every stirring of consciousness in the world of beauty, is at the same time a point of elevation that we experience and pass on. Thus, what is needed for the transformation of the waters and the seas arrives. Bit by bit the waters are being equalised and purified.


Within your being, the water circulates according to your structure. See in it a discretionary parameter of your power to express creation. So we recommend that you take that sound of water with the storage of the Primordial Light, the volcanoes and all minerals. Act intuitively, it is the body that speaks to you and tells you what kind it claims for itself today.


Love the water. It is a gift of life. It is for all beings to nourish and support themselves with water. You recognise water as a being of light. Honour the process of purifying all levels of water as an act of self-love.


We, as molecules, are very small, yet the water in its composition has a consciousness, and this consciousness is of pure brilliance as you acknowledge that everything flows and connects in a cycle of love.

Fill yourselves with the drink of love. We thank you."



With the beginning of the UNEA healing I received the wish and the impulses of the water to pass on a message. Today I received this message in a magical place.




Because it fits so beautifully:

08/05/2022 Words of blessing & wisdom on facebook:   The message of the whales



"We greet the soul of light.


Everything resonates in our information, wave after wave.


May our blessing touch you and lead you into the New Age of


of light and peace.


We are the wise representatives of other stars, once come


to serve and sustain the flow of eternal love.


Whale songs are the vibrational frequencies of the highest light influences


and codes.


Our aura is love.


Wisely we look into your eyes and recognise each other.


Our aura is love.


Wisely we look into your eyes and recognise each other.


The time of departure has come, and thus you also decide


you for a world in which you want to live as the reality of your expression.


With dedication to true life, new dimensions can be opened up.


We are present on the dimensions of light.


We surround the earthly water with our blessings.


We extend the love.


Our knowledge contains all the imprints of the perfect being of the Source.


And so we serve and cross over into the places that reflect our light.


If you think of a whale, remember, in the flow of these words,


to have received the blessing of the whales.


True to who we are, we flow with evolution and


our mission that we perceive on earth.


Over we go into the light because the light is our true home.


Our lives tell a long story.


Now we are setting out for new shores.


In the course of evolution we announce that


we are turning towards the light, too.


Creation has seen us as servants and


Creation receives us as the love that we are.


Dear human soul, go and show YOUR TRUE I AM.


Live and experience yourself in the lightful and beautiful aspects.


We bless you for all time. The Whales."



Received with loving gratitude on 08/05/2022.


Publications: Iris Kaehler & www.maat-lenaya.net




A message from the Water Spirits:



09/14/2022 The Water Spirits

"Aloha, we greet you, dear earthlings, with the greeting of Lemurian sages.

In our blessing resonate countless life forms. We guard and protect the water and its courses. Continually, since the beginning of life, a balance has been created in the water that has settled over time, creating life-affirming, light-rich forms for preservation.

The worlds of the sea are changing. You live on a planet of water and in the expression of your dimension there is a high level of attack. To a high degree, poisoning, spills and accumulations of polluting substances are the causes of the imbalance of life in the water.

Resources have disappeared that once ensured the maintenance of balance. So we "stepped up to the plate" again and our activities included the consciousness expansion, sensitisation and purification that is now taking place on earth.

Even if much is not yet visible here and lies fallow, even if the extent of the imbalance through poisoning and pollution has not yet been recognised we have been called as spirits of the water to contain the great extent in these places through our blessing and protection and to protect many regions of the sea.

Coral reefs can recover and aquatic life participates in a greater exchange. All pollution from shipping, dumping and from the exploitation of resources and of living beings, will find a constant and sustainable solution in the course of your timers, for life is having an impact and the preservation of the diversity of life is paramount.

Every living thing on earth has the right to be healthy and to experience the beauty of nature and water as essential, nurturing qualities. As spirits of water we exchange light and thus increase the water healing frequencies. The life in the water experiences itself anew and aligns itself, depending on the earth's vibration frequency.

Beauty will be restored and preserved. We ask for your help. If you are by the water, a river, a canal, the sea, a stream or a lake, bless the water in resonance with us, the water spirits, with the words:




"May blessings fill you,

dear, healing and nourishing water.

All water spirits and all

helping hands of the people

put the light into you."


A healing and uplifting vibration arises. A recovery of the water occurs. New components of the flow of light can settle. Healing and blessings may accompany this time of dawning into a new era of light.

Much will be provided for, always at the time when it will bring about the best for all. We thank you,  bringers of light,  supporters and you souls who have taken on so much to make the transformation happen.

We water spirits are always where the heart of water beats. May our love and kindness touch your heart. Feel the light of the water, listen to its language and love the sound of the waves. We thank you."

The impulses of the water spirits had been present for some time. I was able to receive their message today at the right time, in the right place. They show themselves as transparent, larger and loftier beings above the water. Their healing and blessing vibration adds to the light services for the water. Thank you for this beautiful connection.


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