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The Light Network of the Starship UNEA



The light beings of the starship of the Galactic Federation of Light with the name: UNEA are a union of cosmic peoples that bring light into darkened regions at different places in the universe. They pass on their knowledge and wisdom about an essence - structure of multiple degrees of light. With this service they want to support humanity. Please read the channeling from 8/3/2018, below.


With the 16th of december 2018 the community of light beings sent Iris their wish to unite the light and the light spectra into the universe and to form a light network. They would like to know what they are giving us with the download:  Transmit, establish and protect LE'UM NADEE.


If you want to help to heal the consciousness of humanity with this service, you are cordially invited to spread the knowledge of our star brothers and sisters as an UNEA messenger. Healing may also be easy and the light technologies of our star siblings are equipped accordingly.


The UNEA crew invites you to be a part of their light network as a star messenger and pioneer and to download it in the places and countries where you are staying.





Start as an UNEA Star Messenger



Instructions for downloading:


nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) Enter a calm and balanced state. Visualize light around you or call for light. Light is fluid consciousness and reacts immediately. It gives you, your project and your environment a lightful and protective framework.

nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) Concentrate on the light frequency LE'UM NADEE and retrieve the download at a place suitable for you. The download:  LE'UM NADEE is clearly pronounced as light frequency. Afterwards light units spread according to individual circumstances and conditions.

nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) Finally you can bless the place. Every action that happens in the light of transformation is seen and appreciated by the spiritual world.


The crew of the UNEA and me thank you very much for your interest and your light service. We are happy about:



nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original)  your willingness to place yourself at the service of the Galactic Federation of Light and to spread its knowledge.

nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) your readiness to found a light net around the earth with your commitment.

nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original)  the voluntary publication of the locations where you have downloaded. With your location you help other participants and the project. For further questions contact me, please:




nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original)  the dissemination of this invitation. For this you can use the already linked UNEA banner. If you want copy the banner and put it on your website or blog.     


You are welcome to link the UNEA banner to our invitation page.


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nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original)  As an UNEA Messenger you will receive up-to-date information via an email or a blog post on this website.




Messages from the Starship UNEA

The first light messages are at the bottom of this page.
Please read the channellings there for the beginning of the journey.





07/17/2024 The starship UNEA ∞ The new being



‘With the frequency of Oneness and the essence of the stars, we greet the souls and loyal ambassadors of Earth. We are honoured to be at your side in this time of great change.


The UNEA crew sees many pathways of connection coming from the Central Sun. They connect the energies and guarantee a continuous, ascending flow of unity energies. Many energetic processes are necessary for the earth to transform in a stable way.


Our window of opportunity is to bring the habitats in which the new and unique is ready into the positions that can represent a new way of life for life on earth and its inhabitants. We share with other ships the tasks that ensure the energies, energy flow and growth in the transition.


An image of yourself is on its way to you and serves to expand your consciousness and the acceptance of your entire being. The blueprints, the natural imprints from the wholeness of being, enable you to gain new experiences. Within great shifting and cleansing processes, the old and untrue is released in all areas and the true being of life is revealed at a breathtaking speed.


Routinely and full of joy for our tasks, we promote the heart expansions on earth. Star fragments, content and the messages that carry information for transformation and light upliftment are installed generously and extensively on earth. Light spaces provide an energetic balance in which souls can find themselves at their core and regeneration processes are initiated.


Everything described happens in moments of the Now, interactively and dimensionally. Your perceptual processes progress and serve the higher, subtle and intuitive perception of life with the energies from the planes of light. The natural flow of life is offered to you to embody the new energies. People with a high degree of conditioning often reach their limits as they follow certain processes of the three-dimensional system.


We would like to offer you, as ambassadors of the light essence structure LE'UM NADEE, to join the heart expansion. It is part of the process of shifting to the level of heart-based alignment and living from the soul spectrum. With your alignment and your desire to be there, you will be guided.


In this special time which brings many new tasks and changes and keeps you in your rhythm of readjustments, we would like to thank you for the great anchors of the light essence structure. This net of light is an entity that extends far into the universe and supports transformational processes and communications in a particularly valuable and multidimensional way. Using the field of the light essence structure LE'UM NADEE, new light and information sequences flow into the atmospheric areas and thus into the energetic guiding structure of the earth.


Everything that resonates with our connection is touched and expanded in a variety of ways. Impulse forces ensure constant renewal. You have anchored the light essence structure in many places in the vibration of your energy and in trust. We would like to give you a picture that describes how we subtly grasp the net of light.


The light network forms an upwardly expanding light structure at all anchored points, depending on the vibration and condition and connects with the light structures on other anchoring levels. This creates an extraordinary area in which the light essence structure can work. New connecting paths are created and connect cosmic and intergalactic communication fields with each other. Planets and planetary spheres of activity are networked. A large overall picture of knowledge emerges.


We are very grateful for your commitment and dedication. An angel is present every time there is a light anchoring. You are the faithful friends and creators of the connecting pathways that provide a wonderfully truthful service to the New Earth structure and all life. A great family is emerging and joining together in the commonality of taking evolutionary growth to a new level.

And now we hand over to our commander UNAR.’


‘UNAR greets you, beloved ambassadors, dear friends of unity and service to the Light. It is a great pleasure for UNAR to thank you in light of the many changes on Earth.


Great strides have been made explicitly through your growth and alignment. Even though time is taking its toll, you are recognising the truth and uniqueness of your being and living in alignment with your Self. UNAR's feelings are overwhelming. Joy, compassion and a deep connection sustain our service together.


Gaia, your Earth Mother, speaks and sends important information into space. Every renewal and every progression is being meticulously monitored. Expansions into new realms, anchors into the new earth plane and the manifestations of all-encompassing steps into earth-encompassing Oneness, allow you to glide into other courses of being.


Your souls recognise every process of transformation and further development. Love arises where previously there was coldness and incomprehension.


Our mission is our common happiness. We hand over the light essence structure LE'UM NADEE to the areas and activities of life. Your perceptions will be lifted to a new level. Stay in trust and feel, dear ones, the warmth and connectedness of a great completion.


UNAR says ‘thank you’ for the light that arises through your being and at the same time allows you to expand in the light. UNAR's love and blessing accompany you, even in days of upheaval, division and adjustment.


The New Earth structure shines in golden-white light. A dense ring of perfect beauty expresses what is emerging and unites you with your home in the light. Remain in your peace and power. Live from a standpoint of acceptance and moving on.


UNAR and its crew are in the hearts of all lovers.’



The UNEA starship serves the ascension processes in the universe. The light essence structure weaves the UNEA light net into new areas of being. Expansions arise and lead into the paths of their correspondences. Feeling determines the direction and so each soul follows the path that serves it.


Many thanks to all the dear ambassadors of the network of light. I am very pleased. The crew of the UNEA honours our service.





11/24/2023  The Starship UNEA ∞ Interstellar Expansions



"With warmth in our hearts, we greet the Light Servers of this time on Earth. You have moved into the depths of a new training of light and have grown from it. The beauty of your facets of light that you radiate is an indication of the soul growth and degree of evolution that you have undergone.


Matured and present in your beauty you are beginning to grasp and fathom your true self. From our perspective there is a flow of alignment through your will and radiance to move into the light and love of all-encompassing being. And so a new dimensional light breaks through your facets.


Lost parts come back, healings occur and form a cosmic-active human being whose soul develops the willingness to integrate into the flow of Oneness as divine creation. In this time of your alignment, there are soul goals that are forming and taking shape. The light within you is growing and expanding. With this, your life is changing.


Leaps of consciousness arise and catapult you as beings of light with a special mission into a new sphere of consciousness from which life itself becomes recognisable. The love of the Creator expands within you so that a feeling of inner security and acceptance for all that is arises.


In the time of active change the course is set and within coherent soul circles, tasks and new paths are found that are assigned to the light of the New Age. The light that emerges will be stunning in the truest sense of the word. Life has reached a low point in many areas of expression and calls for renewal.


Cosmic data provides "a moment of pause", a moment in which that which was previously repressed, distorted and suppressed in a time factor of thousands of years is straightened out. Trajectories of love flow as a function of the restructured patterns of light, so that, with a new arrangement, much of the old escapes from the house of earth.


In this time of great change your home is the heart from which you develop everything, heal everything and integrate everything. Nothing is permanent on levels that are subject to change. Everything is being released that has outlasted the light on a higher vibrational octave of the will to create. The adventure has begun and with it comes expansive, meaningful possibilities in an emerging, multidimensional world of life and expression.


The greater meaning is always and continually unfolding. And with it comes a shock of consciousness, an awakening into the matrix of light. The matrix of light has been installed. Gradual uplifts will lead to lifting the being of the moment to a new level of light. The moment of liberation from what is distorted, unhelpful and detrimental to life leads into the previously installed light pathways and paths to bliss.


So we ask you to fully accept that which is as an expression that shows up at the stage of evolution to dissolve and reorganise following a high level transcendence. The principle behind transformation is to create balance and the composite field is always about the energies that are transformed and renewed. Everything is energy. Everything is vibration.


An alignment is occurring on multiple levels of being and thus you have arrived at a point of increased shift into the light. The UNEA crew is supporting the process of shifting into the new era of light-filled being. Our active service has been to install new light modules in the meantime. The light modules are causing the artificial matrix waves to be lowered. The orbit of the moon was monitored and our journey to Venus was characterised by friendly cooperation. As the closest base, it contains much that is needed for a new arrangement in light.


We are authorised to intervene to a great extent and to release harmful or disruptive mechanisms from the solar system. Our movements serve the whole across the board and so we rejoice like little children in the created net of light LE'UM NADEE. The net of light is expanding and its uplifts are beginning to resonate with the universal tones of creation so that modular units of creation accompany the light and transform evolutionary life.


We, as a crew, thank all those who have chosen to support our light medium and light net and thus expand the light net. It is already interacting with distant planets and stars. These friendships make it possible to bring in information of light. The New Earth is woven into this connection and at the same time receives access to interstellar activities for a perfect interplay.


We cannot express in simple words what is happening in a multitude of light activities and interdependencies. The essence of our mission is to assist and support you in the transition and ascension of Earth into a new dimensional plane. We are immeasurably grateful for the expansion of our network of light and for the trust in our mission. Every soul working from the light is welcome to support our service.


This service is also a service to oneself. Developmental currents encourage every soul to recognise and become one. And now we hand over to our commander UNAR."



"Greetings to you, beloved servants of light on earth. UNAR speaks, and it is UNAR's pleasure to be with you. Much that has been withheld from you has happened on the higher planes. Pathways have been freed and brought to empowerment. The hold of the unreal has been loosened. With this process comes a new growth into the dimensions of light. Trust, beloved servants of light, trust yourselves on a new level of being, trust yourselves in the life choices you make.


True heart connections are created in the true intention to follow life and the laws of life. Our net of light is proof that the desire for a higher frequency earth exists and unites and inspires people and light beings alike. The healing of waters takes place on a higher level. UNAR thanks all those involved for their loyalty to our medium of light and our mission. The results of such an endeavour will become apparent later and you will be amazed at the "technology" with which you are connected and interacting.


Breakthroughs occur when the vibration moves to a constant alignment with the moment of renewal. With the help of Earth's Light Servers and their light-filled connections the desired vibration and upliftment will occur. It is important for you to turn to what you support in recurring rhythms to give the light the power to create the new.


New earth forms and moments are being woven and installing themselves on another level. UNAR asks you: Be safe in what you wish to express and embody. Listen and feel the vibration that is being offered to you so that you may grasp the vastness of being. The vibration is present now. With this wish and with great gratitude to all messengers, UNAR bids you farewell. Good luck on your journey into the light!"



The love, warmth and support of the UNEA crew connects messengers of the net of light with more expansive parts of creation and their pathways for interstellar communication. The connection to friends of another generation of light resonates in the heart. The high task in this light process brings together that which corresponds, loves and complements each other in oneness.




03/30/2023 The Starship UNEA ∞ Ascension Lights



"We of the UNEA greet the Light Messengers and Lightbringers of the beautiful planet EARTH.


In the time interval of the NOW of our star time, we are present in your auras. Ascension waves are drenching you and so our place is with you to support this progression. We see levels of light shifting and evolving. You are experiencing a perceptual upgrade and many incursions of Light that are accompanying your paths.


Yes, it is war and this is a state we greatly regret. It is an expression of the desperation of forces to sustain energies of loss and permanent destruction. This painful time is passing. Surges of light and innumerable light-sound instructions from the God Hierarchy bring about a dissolution of destructive forces of time and the return of the world of light.


Just as we too have an important mission to accompany and support you Earth children in establishing the light frequency LE'UM NADEE in all areas of life, the final dramas are being played out on the world stage before the curtain falls. It is important for you, beloved Lightbringers, to embrace the wholeness of your being and to give yourself the love, care and support that you need within your evolutionary steps.


Light-filled times uplift and release all that is old. Dysfunctions and acts of self-purpose are released. Everything goes back to the sender that seeks to elevate itself at the expense of others. You are close to April and many strong waves are entering the spheres of Earth's atmosphere. The sound that is being created by Mother Earth, resonates with the frequencies from outer space. Light language is transforming the environment and new life is forming on the Earth that you are standing for.


At a frequency level of higher being spectrums of light, life forms of happiness and ease grow and flourish. In waves of their expression, they beautify all that is surrounding and true. Generously, the essence of light envelops the new spheres. Enter. Take a breath and experience yourself in loving energy of the new earth frequencies.


What do you need to create a reality that incorporates all universal laws? Purity, of spirit, soul and knowing fulfilment, for a new beginning, for a life on the level of light expression of 5th dimensional scope and higher dimensions flowing into the earth. It means being free. It means making choices that support the light.


On Earth, other laws of the Light are consequently being brought in, and so you are experiencing yourself in new stages, which you are allowed to walk trustingly. Our love is with you. Our love is part of the process of transformation and the surrender to stand for the Light. You have chosen to anchor the light essence structure in your realm, in nature, in the environments that you deem important.


This created a bond of knowing for new aspects of a higher expression, creating light linkages on Earth and beyond. It was your feeling that guided you, that surrendered with trust and surrendered at the now time to increase and stabilise the connections - our web of light. We could not be more grateful. Our joy is that of a small child who has a great wish fulfilled.


You are the greatest! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for paving the way for the light in the vastness that planets and stars, as well as their life forms and their paths of ascent and development, promote. Communication arises and connects everything. Sequences go out and touch like in light and in being.


The plane of the earth is undergoing great change. Give yourselves what you need for your paths and leave behind that which has been discarded, that which is ready to go to take on newer, more beautiful forms. With a light heart you will move into the level that reflects the truthfulness of your being. It is the sound of purity and oneness that shows you the way, and with that we gladly pass on to our Commander UNAR."



"UNAR speaks. It is you beloved servants of light who are doing the transforming and it is your pure hearts that are showing you the way. Today UNAR wishes to show you your greatness. You are truly greater than you think and feel.


On the planes of Light, you experience yourself in a full expanse of consciousness, and this expanse wishes to show itself in your expressions. Rise into the light. Faith and strength come from knowing who you are. Individual paths are paths of soul expression. You are sheltered in loving light to find yourself in your greatness and beauty.


Begin to vibrate to the rhythm of your heart. The new energy on earth is heart energy and all that is created from the heart is supported, in a way that is magical and magnetic. Trust the divine light.


UNAR gives you a gift. Great is UNAR's gratitude, for such powerful help from the Light Ambassadors and the Water Healing Ambassadors.


Ascension lights are raining down upon you. They come from the frequency of the Community of Star Nations. These lights house connections of light - particles that remind you to grasp the true core of your being. Ascension lights bless everything and every plane of existence.


And now UNAR wishes to pledge its greatest support to you in the Ascension and Detachment process. You are being called, each in your soul frequency, to complete the state of transition. Keep connecting with your soul. New, strange feelings may arise. The Light Worlds of Ascension are permeating your bodies to achieve a release on all levels.


The Ascension Lights of the Community of Star Nations guide you according to your ways. And with this, UNAR bids you farewell. In the light of the New Era, the true is emerging. Prepare yourselves!"



The message from the crew of UNEA carries with it transformative energies. Lightfulness is spreading and helping other beings in the time of integration of Ascension waves. What is really important in each moment? The answer leads you back to yourself and so you can make decisions that hold the light in them, in consideration of your development. Be considerate of your physical body at this time. It is a true exchange and integration module for the new energies.





01/06/2023  The Star Ship UNEA ∞ Creation Alignment



"We greet the lights of Earth with our blessing.


The UNEA is on its way to a habitat, outside of your catchment area. We have been requested to provide assistance and take new material aboard our vessel. This habitat is in the solar system and is a station for exchange materials needed for extended voyages. It is always an event, a great joy, when we meet friends and communities.


We at UNEA wish you a beautiful and liberating New Year. It is an eventful year in which you can bring more light into the darkness of your planet. Be of good cheer. You have come a long way. The Ascension process is in full swing and streams of Oneness consciousness are increasingly anchoring in your lives.


We are very grateful for your support in establishing the Light Essence structure LE'UM NADEE in world space, for with each new move into the connection of Light, a connection is made to vibrations that nurture you in your process of recognition in the Cosmos, with all its life. A high span has been created. And so the threads of light go out into world space and accelerate communication links.


Healing arises through the heart which gives the signal to openly and lovingly accept all that serves the whole and openly let go of all that no longer corresponds to growth. Love as a divine flow captures your consciousness in these moments and with it your choices.


This is why the New Year is so important to make the choices that serve you and move you forward in the evolutionary process. You are shifting to the level of Light of 5th dimensional scope with a pure heart, free from base and limiting intentions.


Earth is receiving its instructions and these are that life comes first and every human being is important, just as every living being that exists on Earth has its place and a task. Parables emerge which say that the nature of light dips into all life and changes it, thus creating a new divine order.


From the centre of the earth new currents of concentration of mutable energies are flowing and so life on earth is very active. The path of the incoming dimension is being smoothed. And what does this mean for you? It means to face the process of change in love to become in the end a fully conscious human being whose life is like a symphony, in harmony with creation.


Every decision needs to be tested which leads into the Light and supports you all. Detrimental things have no place on the New Earth. Life-despising will affect those who practise this form. Everything is a great mirror in the being of this quality of time and this mirror is expanding beyond measure.


It takes times of awareness. Awareness comes through life lessons and through the transformation of the ego. We could say much about this but at this point we would like to interject that feeling is your navigator. The energies of the New Era allow you to feel. You feel with the feeling body which registers in every moment everything that is important, that is crucial for life.


The great cohesion comes from the unity thought and this thought may be put into action. Mirrors show you the spots that need healing and acceptance. All rises in dependence upon your healing and realisation.


The time of departure has come so that each one may experience within themselves the guidance of the next steps. Our energy is connecting and helping you to recognise and walk your own paths. Our great respect is for you, your courage and your being that you represent as an expression in the NOW. We see a great connectedness, an upward trend into the realms of reality.


Draw from the light and from the joy. Draw on faith that the best and most welcome may happen, and keep the courage at this time to follow paths that suit you. We thank you immeasurably. Our cohesion is the nourishing liquid that binds us. We surrender to our commander UNAR."


"UNAR speaks and it is UNARS honour and pleasure to see you again and to thank you.


Time on Earth is other than the movement we experience as we align in the Universe. You are approaching the NOW time, a time when you create what you find meaningful. Embracing timelessness and creating in the NOW is a great service that the soul brings forth and lives.


Well, dear ones, my thanks go to the faithful servants of light who bring blessings to the earth. UNAR knows it is not an easy path to move through the depths of the earth region and stand up for yourself. Trials upon trials had to be overcome. What emerges is a human being who carries and embodies the consciousness of the New Age.


So do not give up but hold on to your friends, to the Light and to your service. We are with you and with our possibilities always in the realm of knowing your good.


UNAR brings you greetings from the star Levento with its inhabitants. May their wishes and blessings strengthen you on your paths. With much love UNAR says goodbye. UNARS heart beats for you!"




08/03/2022  The Star Levento



"We of the star Levento, greet you. You have heard correctly, we have ascended. When our representation first contacted you, we were an ascending planet.


Our warm greetings go out to all Lightbringers. You are about to change very much. You modify. Adaptations are expanding, priorities are shifting and all of this is to be accepted with dignity.


You are realising your true nature and you are feeling the instructions and information for your paths. All servants of the Light are being called and prepared for their tasks. Others are breaking away, going out of existence and leaving the frequency that has arisen to allow the new truth of being to become a reality.

In every way you are in major changes, involved in the progression of divine scales, for the adjustments to the levels of light. The untrue is becoming visible and every human being is facing new perceptions. Possibilities are opening up through courage and openness.


We have come to give you courage and to give you joy. Even though we, as a community of nations, had chosen a gentler path of ascent out of density. We can understand your concerns and feelings.


After a lengthy process of adjustment and redemption, during which we completed graduations of the highest light, we can now carry the star banner. We celebrate ourselves and our star. This wave of ascension was difficult at first, very difficult. However, with an increasing leap in consciousness, what was needed for ascension to succeed was realised in the actions. Each creature behaved according to these guidelines, accepted them and brought them to life.


We infuse you with our joy, shower you with our blessings and hold your hands as you take your final steps. You are a unique community of peoples, versatile and expressive. You rise according to your level of consciousness and recognise the loving tide of Oneness. At the same time connections are forming on this level and enriching your evolutions. Let us tell you that we too are ready for a friendly and sensitive meeting, for a superlative exchange. For we have walked the path of ascension together. A path that demands strength, stamina and presence.


Now we would like to tell you what has changed for us and we hope you can understand it, to some extent.


Our ascension took place in stages. They were energetic stages or units, and they flowed into each other. When a certain vibrational frequency was reached, a stage of Ascension could be climbed in its entirety which at the same time brought with it a new form of consciousness. The form of consciousness went out and touched other forms of consciousness, so that a blending was formed. It served to expand and grow, at the same time carrying on a large number of ascending ones.


With an increasing number of steps each being became more aware that this was the path into the light and into true, essential life. Thus subsequent steps could be taken or carried out more consistently.


Please see this description as a manual. More and more is happening on an energetic level but to follow it is a path that we would like to share with you.


When a greater number of awakened ones reached a certain level, realities overturned and flowed away, giving a new status to what is true. The ascension succeeded through many, yes, very many helpers and through our growth, combined with our graduation in consciousness.


Changes took place on all levels. The great extent was the connection of our DNA to the original star frequency and its alignment. Many parts that were invisible flowed into our DNA and we modified ourselves into a star system that we ourselves formed. Each of us is a star within a star. With enthusiasm we accept the new formation of our Self.


The love that unites us has become so great. Each of us, in the moment of understanding, grasps all that is necessary of the other. We are one, a unity that moves forward together, complementing and supporting each other. Telepathically we were in our understandings before ascension. It was an aspect of our being. With Ascension, many flows of information were added and we simultaneously feel everything we want to give, need or implement.


Our love for our counterpart is deep and characterised by compassion. We love, and so it is.


Our vast surroundings correspond to a large extent to our dreams. Many colours, sounds and patterns unite. Purity, clarity and a shapely expression, let us experience life in a higher dimensional expression. Bright areas, clear lakes, mountains full of beauty and many green spaces adorn the planes of the star. Be aware that it is a subtle realm. It is a degree of beauty in an ethereal-manifest form that can condense or dissolve according to our preferences.


Your ascension is part of your manifestation into the Light. Your desires are already there in etheric form. So give energy into your dreams. Give energy into the light of transformation.


We feel you on a level that is indescribable, yet we allow you the freedom to walk your path, for it is the path that brings the experiences that your soul desires to know.


In great gratitude for your being and for the love that you are, we say goodbye for the moment. Our accompaniment on subtle levels is, as before, meant for you."


So beautiful, congratulations to the star people Levento on their ascension. Levento was described by the UNEA. The crew served the former planet in the ascension process.


Each transformation process is unique and does not wish to be compared. The message of the community of Levento is an indication of an evolution that corresponds to the star Levento and can support us in accepting our physical, mental and spiritual adjustments.





07/14/2022  The Starship UNEA ∞ Ways of Light



"We greet you, beloved light servants of Earth and beyond.


After a long hiatus we are present in your orbit. Other matters and assignments have taken precedence though of course we have always kept an eye on the happenings of Earth and its evolution. We have been connected with you in other dimensions to expand our common healing missions.


We of UNEA are leading alignment processes on several levels of light and providing the equipment to do so. In one area of clearing and healing we are seeing increased structures of change, and with these changes, colossal things are becoming visible as the levels of integration of light multiply, expand and shed the old.


The visualisation of what has held and restricted you within the hierarchy of beliefs of subordination can be affecting as the full extent of what has been taken from you in terms of freedom and evolution can be seen.


For this moment in time you have come to Earth. The great flow of Light is accompanied by the interactions with the planetary and stellar constellations. And with that, energy carriers are expanding and transmuting everything into the Source Light. We understand that a multi-dimensional description of what is happening cannot fully touch you as evolution is seen through filters and areas that are subject to limitation.


We were in the catchment area of the Sun at times. There were complications. Dark matter and its followers have been tempted to interfere with the order within the Sun and its frequency. A heightened guard is required there to ensure that the portals of light, to which the processes of light and transformation are subject, are protected.


The Sun with its processes of transformation is a coveted light-giver and its structure of peaceful change must never be used for warlike actions or for self-balancing below its functions. Our solar action has shown us that a heightened alert is in order in the solar system.


The solar system is transforming according to the lines of ascension. The transformation is taking place in accordance with the Earth's Ascension and the flow of Alcyone, in conjunction with other stellar energies. The solar process should be stopped. This procedure is not in the plan of God.


Many manipulations have taken place and are taking place and it is the task of every being to recognise the manipulations. With the raising of the frequencies on Earth they will become visible just as everything will eventually become visible that does not vibrate in the realm of the Divine Order and serve it.


The UNEA is in orbit and dwelling in a specific place. We are expanding points known to transmit and anchor forces of glory. The dimensions and planes of Earth are separating as the Light rises on one side and the darkness, the structures of confining Light remain or go out on the other. This process of separation is in full swing but cannot be fully perceived as there are too many different currents of energy present.


You have arrived at the point in the metamorphosis of your evolution to know that you can embody your true treasure and thus give priority to the service sector of free will and soul expansion. According to your determination, you are returned and by virtue of evolution, recognise yourself as complete divine beings with a consciousness and this consciousness is limitless and active in creation.


There is an image that says that all the connections that exist are to bring more light into the realms of life and each of you do this as you see fit. We thank you for this. The changes are happening. They are changes that need to happen to increase and adjust the heart rate. A widening and an expansion is thus taking place in all body and spirit beings so that the evolutions of the levels of reality can become visible and above all acceptable.


During your deeds we have taken many things into our hands to ensure that the Light receives no interference and can flow freely and unhindered in the Earth realm and that planetary interaction is guaranteed.  The light essence structure LE'UM NADEE is outstanding in its influence for the evolution of the Earth in the years to come, as well as at this time.


Last but not least, it is and has been the task of the UNEA Ambassadors to strengthen the light network LE'UM NADEE and to guide it into areas that anchor the light. As before, groundbreaking connections can be made that go beyond Earth's borders and take up connecting paths of other planetary systems. A communication with star beings arises and an exchange into the light net, takes place, so that many new lightful energies can find their way.


At the same time the upliftment and balancing of the Earth is promoted and supported. We bless this act of love that goes through the spaces of time and through the infinity of possibilities. The crew of UNEA thanks you for your lightful and attentive service in manifesting the light essence structure in places at home and abroad. From our perspective, many light weavings are going their way, complementing each other and new connections are emerging.


LE'UM NADEE is raising the frequency of truth and expanding the processes for the communion of different nations in the Universe. You are thus integrated into a larger system for the opening up of love and unity. We welcome each and every ambassador who feels called to shape and expand this network of light. Misuse of the energies is not possible, nor is improper handling.


Remain in trust for the happiness that arises and guides you to the level that you embody in your innermost being. And now we joyfully hand over to our Commander UNAR."


 "UNAR speaks to you with a wide open heart. Even though you appear hobbled by the many transformational processes and by the outside of the world community, you are aligned in your heart to serve the love of your soul and to extend peace.


In a compressed time you will watch and experience the great changes of transformation within you and around you. A balancing into the lighter realms, the realms of reality is taking place and trust in life and all manifestations is required.


We do not wish to keep you in suspense, so you say, however, procedures, processes and visualisations are designed in such a way that these processes take place in dependence with the rhythms of life and developments in consciousness. Each soul experiences itself as it is written in its book and each body carries what corresponds to it and makes it.


With great solidarity UNAR says "thank you" to all the dear ambassadors of UNEA for your contribution, your good intentions and your love for the light. UNAR thanks the water healers for their trust in guiding the water to a new frequency. We are very happy and connect with you in the light.


UNAR speaks to you as a friend and ally, as one who knows you very well. So we move together and serve in an alignment that is reshaping the future Earth. Dear ones, like-minded ones, it is UNAR's pleasure to recognise the willpower and heart connection within you. Continue to stay connected to the currents of Source and the connection to the planes of Light. So glide upon the waves, knowing that you are divinely sustained.


Everything serves the Light in its expansion. And with that, UNAR bids you farewell."



Who is UNAR?


With each message we realise the relevance of UNEA a little more. The crew lets us share in their tasks. Whether it is going to Venus, helping a distant planet to ascend or defending the Sun, UNEA serves higher knowledge and transparency. We are a community with the goal of bringing the unity of Source to all realms.


UNAR is the commander of UNEA. He is slightly  smaller in appearance and has an authentic, heartfelt charisma. UNAR is prudent and responsible. He sees each member of his crew as an equal and takes into account their individual characteristics, gifts and tasks. Much warmth of heart and knowledge emanate from him. His strength in decision-making serves UNEA in the fulfilment of its tasks.





09/01/2021  The Star Ship UNEA ∞ Walking in the Light



"Beloved Souls of Light, it is we, the crew of the UNEA and we welcome you into the light of the New Era.


This light signifies an expansion of your being and a movement towards the moments of reality so that you can let go of all that is no longer functional. Love counts and is your basic expression out of which you experience which direction your soul desires. Acknowledge each path and each station of the path as a part to be completed in order to embrace the divine light in completeness.


Your hearts speak to you and feelings arise that show you what is desired at the time, for the heart substance is an extended arm into the divine realms of souls and into the light of Origin that you have chosen. It is a time of gathering to experience a position that manifests your own expression and strength into the light of life.


We see many movements and the light is breaking through pathways of the old tissue so that this tissue can no longer hold itself. It is overturned and replaced by the new, crystalline energies. The result is that all life readjusts itself. At this time great fear can emerge and you, as light bringers, are asked to put the fears into perspective and to acknowledge what is behind them in yourself and others.


It is about a path that is more intense and that confronts you with conditions that you have to accept in a way that requires a wider perspective. In order to come into the pathways that are grounded in yourselves, we give you a word that helps you to come back into yourselves and anchor into the essence of the soul. This energetic word is:






So then your soul self begins to find itself and expands into your heart. Practice this call whenever you feel off track, when you feel overwhelmed or you feel the need to connect more strongly with your being.


These times on earth are exceptional times and at the same time precious pearls of moments in which the individual self can find itself again. Many divine qualities are awakening in you now, wanting to express themselves. And it is precisely these qualities that are supported by the energies of the New Era. The moment is coming when you will be dependent upon yourselves and this moment is for you to experience that it is God Himself who is leading the way and all apparent concerns will fall away for you to experience the greater of that which is bringing about this transformation.


Each person is brought back to themselves to realise that they are a part of the eternal, divine light and have a purpose that affirms and supports life. This opportunity of realisation serves to search deeper within oneself and to accept what one is given. Thus, these moments serve to grasp and hold the light. They serve to take complete responsibility for all action.


UNEA is on course. In the realm of the sun we serve the light and the Earth Ascension. This Ascension is being given an evolutionary point and this point will bring great upheaval and evolution. So be sufficiently prepared for what is to come. Bless the moments of realisation that appear. Provide a protective, peaceful environment. Prepare so that you have food and above all water.


Love every moment and every expression that wants to show itself. These moments serve to heal and transform you into the light of this time. Our thanks to all the light bringers who have anchored and are anchoring the light structure LE'UM NADEE in love and in confidence. We are touched in our hearts. This light structure serves the development of raising the Earth into a realm of light and interstellar communication that allows many new possibilities of galactic life to be experienced.  Light is created in this way and attracts further light. A wonderful cycle of divine being is emerging and expanding.


We pass on to our Commander Unar and thank you from our hearts for your love and commitment."



"Dear servants of the Light, this is Unar speaking and it is Unar's great pleasure to greet and accompany you.


It is all of you who are helping change to manifest and the Light that has gone before to show itself in a greater facet of your lives. Hang in there! It is for your own good. The earth is reshaping itself. So give your attention to develop the new.


Even when everything seems shaky, when certainties and friendships break away, you are on the divine path. This path means peace and freedom, acceptance and equality.


Unar wants to leave you in this vibration. Unar thanks you for your loving help in holding the light. We at UNEA are by your side, ever present and informed of everything. Be assured, things are looking up!"



The word EHYRA also means an energetic work that is carried out when a resonance arises. Take a moment of peace and let these energies spread within you.





05/04/2021  The Star Ship UNEA ∞ Light Key

The star beings handed me a key in love, which I anchored in the light net. It serves to strengthen and expand connections that have been created over the past months. At the same time it serves to centre, to establish contact and strengthens all the connections of LE'UM NADEE. New access points are created and installed.

Protective Light Blessing

Blessed are all those
who receive the sacred protective lights.
These lights contain messages
which your soul is able to decipher.
Trust the Sacred Heart that dwells
in Mother Earth and begin to
and begin to open to the world of
reality. It is near.
~The crew of UNEA~





02/16/2021  The Star Ship UNEA ∞ In the Flow of New Energies



"Dear Souls, we of the UNEA greet you. Once again we are on board your quality of time and bring greetings from the galaxy. It is with great joy and appreciation that we see what you Dear Ones are accomplishing.


Especially the steadfastness in crisis situations and the belief in the fulfilling and light-bringing keeps many of you going. This strength becomes very clear in the face of change. It is crystallising the knowledge that you were once endowed with.


Deep within your inner being, you are aware that there is more than the restrictive way of life according to norms and laws. Dear souls, you are connected to the All-Power and the substance of the angels, so the flow of your mastery is always moving towards the Light.


Even though things are not fixed but "written" by the collective, the conclusion is decisive, which leads you into the new realms of light and love. So we ask you:  Hold on to it and strengthen the love that you carry within you.


Many different energies serve to awaken humanity and empower them into the tasks of evolution according to their soul plan. These different energies can cause stress and chaos as they bring forth that which needs to be looked at and healed.


Changes take place on all paths and the exchange of energy carriers means getting to know life in a new way. So every human being is involved in some way in allowing change to flow through them, which in turn can bring up restructuring of their own.


Everything is in motion and with a mind the effects are incomprehensible, as linear things pass from the waves of time. And perhaps you are wondering how best to go through this time of renewal. There is no blanket answer to this as each energy system has its own rhythm within it.


Cycles and waves work in system sequences and depending on the universal divine plan to create and integrate the new dimension. And again, there are still stages and variations within this dimension that promote alignment with a high, cosmic order.


As the growth of a soul is individually different, we ask you to focus on and respect yourselves and your needs at this time. A list of priorities that you can write can also help you to strengthen your forces to manoeuvre through these times.


It is the angle from which you look at something that can allow you a different connection of being. And the view from that vantage point can heal and expand. In this flow of energies, only that which vibrates within the Divine can sustain itself. Everything else is outsourced, neutralised and passes away.


We of UNEA are stationary bound to stabilise the Earth's core so that our journey shifts to the Centauri system. Stabilisation is an important process to assist and guide the transformation and reordering of manifest Earth. Other star nations are also charged with similar tasks, serving to hold energies within the flow of re-creation.


Some things are shut down to allow for further energy adjustments. We wish you to know that although these processes may take some time you may look forward to the outcome. For what is holding on to the old energies? Anything low vibrational, destructive or damaging will be a part of your past.


It is worth looking at what good and redemptive is happening in this time and amplifying those qualities. Be the love in action. And at this point we thank you for the great attention to further energetically expand our light network and to anchor the light structure LE'UM NADEE.


Each small step adds to the next and creates a connection to the light. So we could see that light moments were forming and exchanging with each other. Pathways to other planets are created and generate forces of ascension.


We are happy about any help and support and are always ready to serve and contribute our best.


The light of Ede is reflected in many facets and is constantly renewing itself. Often unimaginably fast. There are a multitude of stationary light units that protect the earth and its inhabitants, and often also take destructive things out of the systems, so that what is preordained for each individual soul can develop.


Our concern is to give you courage and to see these small advances that show themselves so that you can stay in the flow of possibilities and develop further. With much love and sympathy we look at you and see the progress, both as a whole and individually. And some things can change faster than you think, as everything is interconnected and renewed.


We pass on to our Commander Unar and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, for your service of light and for your faithfulness!"


"This is Unar, and I too extend my warmest greetings to you, dear ground team!


We have been waiting for the right and appropriate time to contact you and deliver this message, as the energies on Earth are constantly changing and adjusting, careful consideration is required here.


We are seeing an increase in the formation of neutrality particles which are formed through transformations. We are also seeing an increase in the formation of light through the plasma structures, the ingress of light from the Central Sun and the Pleiades to transform.


What often seems too long to you is tied into a very complex system with many specifications with the exchange of energies and the protection of the structures of consciousness to accomplish an ascension of this magnitude.


Deep, low-light forces are flowing out of the Earth's surface and being replaced. And Mother Earth will also turn, transform and move. And we want you to know that this movement will be visible, so that you recognise inwardly and outwardly that this process has taken place. It is this, your, perception that trains the consciousness and elevates you to a Master or a Mistress of Creation so that cosmic life can continue to form within your light body structure.


These are far-reaching shifts of energy and like a cascade, these energies flow from one place to another transmuting all that is of divine order on different-multidimensional levels of light.


Well, we cannot go into more detail. As there is so much going on that is protected and sealed and subject to God's plan. However, we wish to let you know that we stand with you wherever we are in the Universe.


We have a mission that we are fulfilling and that mission includes you and your service of light. We are blessed in this wonderful task that promotes the community of light. So I conclude with these words and thank you in love and confidence for your being and for your expressions that transform and renew so much on earth.


My blessings and the blessings of the crew go to you. May you go forward in safety."





10/06/2020  The Planet Levento



"We are the community of the planet Levento and we welcome you most warmly. Why do we come forward, you may ask, and we are very happy to answer.


Not so long ago we successfully ascended as inhabitants of a planet that, as it exists with you, dwelled in low vibrations. For eons we lived this way but lighter and more carefree as the density we were in was a different kind of density from your 3rd dimensional alignment.


Nevertheless, our lives were marked by separative and domineering aspects. We were limited in what we did and our lives were determined by an alignment that we had to submit to.


And perhaps you wonder if we were happy. So we say to you: We were happy in the limitations and we lived a life that included limitations but above all growth and a realignment to the light. For each of us was able to create our happiness even when limitation and stagnation defined life.


We always knew that this state we were in was only temporary and that we were facing upheavals of a stronger nature. We have mastered these upheavals. And from this point of view we can tell you that it was worth it.


We would like to tell you that you have to accept and acknowledge the Cosmic Light within you in order to be able to concentrate fully on your change. The Cosmic Light is the key to all that is transforming and uplifting your planet called EARTH.


This Light is so powerful and transforms the strongest structures. Adjustments on a global level, adjustments in the physical bodies and in the overall vibrational process are making the coming changes possible. Go with the light. Go with the sound that is expanding and recognise your divinity.


In self-determination you recognise your gifts. Look beyond the horizon. We wish you "good luck" in this. You are empowering yourself in the way you are being taken over by your soul intelligence. Our respect for this step goes to all of you. For this level on which you have been dwelling has been deep, hard and inert in its vibration.


But now the Light is appearing in you and in the entire spectrum of your existence on Earth. We let you know that every feeling and every process has its right to be appreciated and recognised. It is a path of freedom from the complaints of past times in other circumstances.


Be open to the new, intense vibrations and radiations. They uplift everything. Be open to the cosmic influx of light and surrender to this flow of light. Keep moving forward knowing that it is serving and changing you.


We of the planet Levento are uplifting the star character. We are on the path to becoming a glistening potential in the Universe, and we gladly support you on this path. Our ways are easy. We have changed. We are aligned with the Light and our community is sublime. The NOW is forming as each wants their individual structures and needs met.


Our environment is surrounded by beauty. Many, many facets of blues, to purples and pinks adorn our being and freedom is our collective expression in which we find ourselves. We are more ethereal than you humans because the vibrational levels are heightened. We are more permeable but can also take on a more solid form. This form lends itself to some essential forms of expression that we pursue.


Light and love have come to Levento and we are expanding. We are happy to see you and know that nothing is impossible. With these words we wish to touch you and give you courage. So remain in trust and in yourselves.


We send our love through the paths of connection that have been opened. Be blessed, also by us."





08/20/2020  The starship UNEA ∞ Extensions of Love



"We welcome the lights of the earth. The crew of the UNEA is with you, in thought, feeling and with their message to serve the Light and Love.


We are swinging in the vacuum of space. And your home planet is moving, expanding and rising. We are very close to observe this beauty that you are in and bless this aspect of your being.


Our concern today is the emerging unrest that occurs when systems collapse and dissolve within their three-dimensional makeup. Of course this is only a process that evolves and takes on a higher order.


The movement we see is a tenacious struggle, but the ties to the old world will be severed, the connections will be broken. And you may wonder which one is our part?  How can we serve and rest? Is it necessary to interfere?


First of all, we would like to inform you that you are at the right place where you can unfold your potential. By reflecting on yourself, accepting the external circumstances and acting from the heart, you have created a way to stay in the light and serve. You are evolving and have arrived on the path of knowledge and devotion, too. 


Faith in what counts, in what constitutes good and at the same time represents the will of creation, constantly helps you to move forward in parable with the One, the divine plan. Every moment counts, in which you align yourself in this position, in which you accept yourself and discover the beauty of being.


You are flowing in your structures with the flow of creation as you walk sincerely, sublimely and towards full awakening. The old world is passing away, the resonances are dissolving and a new world is emerging where the beauty and harmony of all that is will be the highest expressions on earth.


Love in its beauty, in its intelligence and in its connectedness to everything will cause a great expansion on earth in the coming months. Everything that does not correspond to love will decay. And a new divine order will take its place and in this order everything that corresponds to it will resonate.


Thus ways will separate as well as energies and priorities will separate. For everyone is led to accept and go his own way. These are the expressions of individuality and authenticity that reflect the soul and its mission.


We are happy about your development and about this will to heal and to express yourself. Our brothers and sisters from Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion and the Arcturians also welcome this development. Now it is important to absorb the waves of change and to remain in the being of light.


All involved ambassadors of the light essence LE'UM NADEE are introduced to the light and receive impulses of further development and beauty to everything that is. We, in the light, have arrived at a point where we support every light interest in order to be able to serve globally at the highest level. This is strengthened and supported by your work with the essence of light. This Light Essence continues to expand and receive degrees of adaptation. And its connecting paths go beyond the globe, widening and expanding. This arises in dependence to other interstellar conditions and possibilities to transport and hold the light.


This path is the path of the ascent of the earth and every thought may be a thought of light, for it flows into eternity and creates joy and light. The heart centers within you are also being prepared to enter a level of sublimity, equality and acceptance.


We allow star particles to flow. Silvery shining they appear to some before the 3rd eye. It is our greeting to you, our gift for the love that you are. So it means for you to go further and further and to accept the outside and see it for what it is.


We, from the UNEA, receive hints and instructions of the Divine Perfected Plan and we interact with the Sun and its great task. It is a key element. We love it with all our hearts because it is special. In her life rages to create, renew and develop life. This spectacular power serves the solar system and all adjacent star systems. The solar power causes changes. The earth is a magnet for the sun, and its love is its connection to each other. ...and it is with great pleasure that we now hand over to our UNEA Commander.


"Dear friends of light on earth, beloved souls, this is Unar. And I greet you with my love and gratitude, too. These must be stressful and special times on earth. Your access routes are flooded with the new light structures that are coming to you and bringing about changes. The light of the New Age is very bright and clear. It is changing the structures and the levels of life in ever shorter time units, as you have known it so far.


What is coming wants to remind you of who you are and misdirected things are being taken out of your systems. You are servants of light and as such you are able to hold the light and transform everything within you to reveal a new expression. And that expression will be perceived.


To anchor your freedom, my dears, aim for freedom. Know the paths that lead to freedom and love and honour every step towards it. We, at the UNEA, will accompany you. We see the moments of shock and processing. We see the will to create something new and better. And we give you our respect for all that you accomplish.


Know that there are many, many like-minded people up here at your side. And the sun smiles. It is a blessing and it loves you as much as anyone involved in this project.


We honour your decisions and bless your strength to continue in this time - in the now - and let the light shine in you. With these words I conclude my announcement."


The planet Levento was named by the crew of the UNEA. It is an ascended planet which has made contact with us and with Earth.



Messages about the planet Levento:


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06/20/2020  The starship UNEA ∞ At Your Side



"We welcome the light servants of the earth. Dear souls, it is time. The UNEA shows up and wants to congratulate you on your progress.


Much has been done on your part to strengthen and build the Light Side. This service deserves our respect. At the same time we feel your batteries, and they often need a new charge. Fresh cells and lightness are obtained in silence or in nature, clearing your mind of the possibilities and probabilities that the course of the earth can take.


Concentrate on the light, on the beauties around you. It is important to let you know that we, the crew of the UNEA, are at your side. We feel for you. We look into your hearts and are connected to you. Our power plant is alive and our community is growing. The net of light of the essence LE'UM NADEE enlarges and draws further circles of creation. We are in love with all Being and Mother Earth is a special planet that is undergoing its transformation in the care of God.


This transformation can cause acceleration as the expansion of light moves as it finds a place. Therefore, many things are breaking up to undergo a change. That which enters into consciousness is recognized and causes a change. The higher the light swings, the sooner the paths of the old break down and a new birth is born.


The greatest light is yourselves, within yourselves, as an anchor of light and as a servant on earth. Therefore, it is good to make you aware of the tasks you have which you carry into the world to increase the formation of being. You are the best team ever stationed on Earth. For you have the strength, the will and the ability to make changes.


The net of light of the essence LE'UM NADEE works in a multi-dimensional form, spectral, and receives new access routes for a permanent presence of light. Forms of light of immense beauty emerge and provide new information and codes of the star communities and the liquid transformations towards the light realms of reality. This effectiveness unfolds with the opening of specific modules and light anchorages which take place analogously. For we are all concerned with creating moments of light and love and directing them in the right direction.


Timeline parameters transform time structures and every body feels, perhaps in a subtle way, the changes in time intervals. In order to reach the timeline of the 5th dimension, it is essential to devote oneself to the new energy patterns. This includes one's own healing and the release of unhelpful energies and connections.


The realms of light communicate with you. And you are the transformation units that matter. Now is your time and your position is clear. Togetherwe move the lines of time and time intervals. Realize what you are: The Light and Love of God, connected as human beings on Earth. And with this condition you are equipped to renew yourselves, to change and to reflect.


The light and the planes of light are changing and a new dimension of light is streaming onto the earth. This quality affects decisions. These choices are both directional and formative of what you stand for and what is important to you. Every soul wants to make its own experiences and serves according to its mission. So see the missions of others with the same respect as you do for your missions.

What else touches you? Where are your doubts? Also here you can see where healing is needed. With united forces and with the courage to manifest the unity in you and on earth, you will receive all the support you need.


The heart becomes light when the pain is released and the value is recognized. As it does so, the limitation that had maintained these energies of density falls away. You are going into the light, becoming lighter and more fulfilled. And we are delighted to see you and support you in this change. We're turning over to our commander, UNAR:


This is UNAR. I greet you from space. At short notice we have decided to send a message. We are in a decisive phase. This phase demands our commitment and your willingness to work in the light. We cannot go into any more detail. It is important for us to explain our willingness and the importance of the starship UNEA. We are present. We are tangible, and for some we are visible.


It is our honour to accompany you. And it is important for us to inform you that we are on stand-by and are on assignment to serve Earth. UNAR would like to tell you how important it is to maintain faith and trust in divinity and in the ascension of the Earth. Behold the coming phase as a new and changed quality of Ascension.


We remain in your direction and move according to the galactic alignments. Everything else is hidden. With my blessing for your service to Mother Earth I would like to close here. We love you."





03/03/2020  The Starship UNEA ∞ Connecting Paths



"We from the starship UNEA welcome you and send you our respect and appreciation for a long journey that has taken much strength and endurance.


We are aware that this way of living can cause problems for you as the old patterns and structures are now being lost in the new timelines, so that various moments of light are being coordinated anew. Everywhere the collapse is approaching through weakness of hold. So we would like to remind you that the hold you are looking for is within you.


Seen from up here, we overlook a multitude of activities that take place in Earth orbit. The crew of the UNEA is doing their part and helping to permanently stabilize the timelines of reality. We take into account the corresponding correlations between energy quality - and demands.


We are all working for a better and more valuable existence. In order to balance the forces in the balance, the work on the inner levels is decisive. Thus we are also present on the inner levels and perform our service. On the soul level many decisions have already been made in which form souls want to continue to exist. Everything is a choice of each individual member for the Light and this choice is respected.


Our stay on Venus was successful. Our brothers and sisters are a well-rehearsed team. They are masters in interweaving moments of light and their energy structures are the pure light and love which they carry to other places and to other galaxies. They are light essences of pure joy and serenity and they embody a pure form of love.


Venusians have been aware of their task for many "space - times" and are very much connected to the earth and its inhabitants. Their energy inevitably rises and their heart size is phenomenal. Their light structures and light paths are also part of Lady Gaia's moments of ascension.


We are a well-rehearsed team, full of anticipation to support the upliftment of the earth. Everything that happens may be seen neutrally. Every catastrophe, every disorder also has aspects of wholeness and balance in it. In order to bring about change, it is necessary to distribute forces and bring them to places that are designated for them.


You dear ones on earth know about the necessary restructuring without which a new age in harmony and community in the light of God cannot take place. So also from our side everything is being done to create connections, the exchange of light and a smoother transition.


With great joy we have noticed that our light essence LE'UM NADEE continues to spread and to network in Earth orbit. This light essence nourishes being and changes light structures. New ways of communication - and connections arise. These connection paths also meet the planes of magical knowledge, the elemental planes, the crystal planes and the light - being – planes which you can see as so-called "light phenomena".


Our light-essence structure connects on a higher vibrational level and takes on new forms. What is poor in light is transformed or renewed into what is rich in light. Radiations are split up so that a radiation inhibition can take place which are of a harmful nature.


The more this aspect of light distribution - and elevation - takes hold, the more healing activity is formed on earth. We of the UNEA welcome your participation and the effects that are formed through your service. And now we give the floor to our commander Unar:


This is Unar. It is a great pleasure for me to be in touch again with the earth and the participants of our service.


If you had a picture of the situation that would show you how everything is coming together and how everything is adjusting, you would be delighted. So many helpers at your side! So many lightworkers far away, all helping. Ascending into a new dimension is a great and interesting undertaking. It is the greatest exchange of energy one can imagine under these conditions. And you are all on board!


What greatness does each soul need to be to perform such a great service as you did on Earth?


Now it is time to preserve and expand the divine vibration. You are God and Goddess in the field and your effect is to change direction at the same time. We sprinkle stardust on you to awaken you and kiss you. It is our love to stand by you all. Every change begins with yourself. So also you begin your changes in yourself. You are the masters.


I give you my respect and honor for your service. We will remain connected forever. And now we continue to serve in this template. We see the sun and its smile. Everything is in flow. Blessed be your paths. I am Unar, lightship commander of the UNEA."





10/05/2019  The Starship UNEA ∞ Another Chapter



"We welcome you and send our best wishes from the lightship UNEA!


With increasing acceleration of the transformation within your earth satellite, there is an increased adaptation to changed situations that are in other energetic spaces than you have known before. Adapting to changes is also connected with choosing one's own direction. This direction can sometimes deviate from the needs and requirements of others. You are the Masters of Completion and therefore it is essential in this moment of your Now - Moment to take your own true direction - the Sound of the Heart - in order to move forward.


Much flows into you that wants to be processed. Does this suit you or are procedures just another kind of distraction? That is why every heartbeat that beats for its own good and oneness is so important. We want to continue to support you in the energetic orientations. These are global and dependent on the interstellar incidents.


We change our location and travel to the area of Venus to receive new forms of aligned light spectra. Venus is closely connected to Earth and is a great help to it in ascension. An everlasting interplay of intergalactic possibilities increases the light spectra for expansion in universal space.


Our tasks are manifold. They are oriented to create the highest for mankind and for all other allies in the sound of love. Our path is simple. We orientate ourselves exclusively according to what is to come. God's plan is kept by all allies with the highest respect and the highest regard for all being.


We from the UNEA are in deepest humility and gratitude for the resonance for the spread of the Light Essence - Structure LE'UM NADEE on your planet. Another chapter has opened as these energies reach into space and interact with other representatives and planets. A network of light which continuously expands and creates free spaces is created. Thus the light is already far advanced in its structure and application and has reached other continents on earth.


Whoever uses it feels the love behind it. You are all often honoured for this service. The range in your hearts expands. A new space is created which in turn can absorb new spectra of light. Let us embrace you for your service. We know that it is not always easy. But the result will release you from the exertions.


Everything vibrates within its direction and the old loses its importance. In wise anticipation of what may come, we want to continue to encourage you to be in love and trust. Unar reports and now we hand over to our commander Unar:


Here speaks Unar and with all my love I greet you on earth. Be blessed.


The "room" is full of friendly ships that stand by you and want your best. They are all here to applaud you and encourage you. Some "expansion" will pay off. For it is a fact that as many people as possible can participate in the Ascension. Otherwise the cells will tear and leaps of consciousness would cause great confusion. So a continuous adaptation to the new energies is the much better solution.  An approach that preserves life and offers other individuals, such as the species of animals, an opportunity to adapt.


Everything and everyone is lifted. The goal is near! And we are proud of this result. Without you and your service to the light it would only have remained a dream. We all at the UNEA acknowledge this with great interest and joy. Only in retrospect will you be able to judge what you have achieved. Beyond that we are very grateful about the origin and spreading of our light net. We all share what we have at our disposal. And this aspect of light service has now reached the universe and other communication channels which we are very, very pleased about!


In deep love we complete together what we have all come for and gratitude fills the space of the Masters. Now it is time to close. We go to Venus. In the heart we are already there.


Good luck on your paths!"





07/04/2019  The Starship UNEA ∞ Energetic Changes



"We are the crew of the UNEA and we welcome you. Joy resonates because we live our dream. Far-reaching measures are taken to benefit all earthlings who are connected to the flow of life and to the completion of their potentials.


Every soul goes the way of light and is connected with the primeval knowledge. We look at the changes. Energies of knowledge and wisdom wash through the bodies and souls. Fragments of memory strengthen the unity stream. And we are also on the spot, a little off the beaten track we observe the events. Our tasks are manifold. Thus we direct knowledge streams in the desired direction and form light substances for transmissions.


We see a tension and an elongation. The tension is a process that expands to eventually release the ancient energies. The elongation is part of the expansion to let in larger fragments of God and streams of light. Everything merges into each other. High radiations are now effective locally. They are very strongly flooding your inner planes to realign you. This can cause many side effects. The Light has truly arrived at you. So open yourselves to it and greet it warmly. You have waited so long for it.


We stand by you, see your processes and how you integrate the Light. Everything flows with the degree of openness. Much of what you have considered important and relevant so far is now moving into the background. You recognize your soul essence and follow its instructions. Spectra of universal light are passing through fields. Other light is processed from now on. The perceptions change strongly because they adapt to the 5D - mode. Multiple knowledge can thus flow in and be used. And now we hand over to our commander Unar.


Unar greets you, dear ones. Today I would like to remind you that you are the pioneers of knowledge and wisdom. You bring back what was once expressed in the advanced civilizations and the continents of light. The Christ consciousness may be experienced, it may be lived. It is integrated in every single cell. Every single one of your cells is sacred.


Reality has always existed and today there is a new and unique access to it. Our medium has just received a new exchange of energies. You will now be increasingly urged to renew your energies. You will sometimes feel as if you are in another vibrational or energy space. Let this happen. There are new adjustment processes going on there.


We all welcome your efforts to anchor the UNEA light net. More countries have been reached and the light of this network is spreading. A connection is created that can have an all-embracing effect. Everything is connected with each other and flows through new being structures. An exchange that goes beyond the earth orbit into space and attracts similar things.


We thank you for your help and support as well as for your belief in a better and more loving future. Keep up this vision. With my blessing and love I say goodbye to you. I am Unar, Light Ship - Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light."





05/01/2019  The Starship UNEA ∞ The Emergence of New Light Networks


„Beloved Lights, this is Unar, commander of the UNEA. I greet you warmly. Once again I will get in touch with you because with the emergence of new light networks, life and the associated task change. And I see uncertainties that many of you feel. Therefore I would like to tell you how important it is to let these light networks develop in their purest form.


Lightnetworks mean light communication, expansion and healing. They raise further light structures and connections on a universal level and serve as a network for the exchange of intergalactic degrees of adaptation. 


You have come to earth to transform it, to lift it into the light and to beautify it. As light bearers of many nations you are guests and fulfil your tasks. These tasks are now in your interest.


We have given you a special light net in the form of a light structure - frequency. This light expands and creates further connections that develop in the universe. They are connecting structures to a variety of planetary systems. The result is an increase in vibration and alignment. Multiple degrees of information are exchanged and expanded. A universal connection is created which serves life in all habitats and units. It means to be part of a light expansion and to promote a light exchange. Clarification arises where it is needed because new forms of light emerge that replace the traditional ones. These light forms vibrate on a much higher level. Their access serves the awakened.


Your bodies are subject to many adaptations that change continuously. According to the resonance principle, highly vibrating and fine fragments are integrated and processed. The alignment is crucial because you absorb what you are ready for.


That is why we ask you, remember to be part of the whole and embody these forms of light. Lightnetwoks help Gaia to move into the accomplished beauty of higher frequency powers. Her dimension is the dimension of oneness and the light network LE'UM NADEE is her companion on the path into the light. Love imbues it and its beauty will be fully visible.


LE'UM NADEE is a frequency with special significance. It communicates in its own way, in alignment with the sun, the earth's interior, creation and all life. Life structures are touched and receive light impulses. These impulses are healing and awaken multidimensional possibilities.


So we welcome your initiative to be ambassadors and users of this light magic. We, my crew and I, bow before you for your service. We have experienced much on our way and are strengthened to continue our ministry.  Yes, we enjoy our work serving the light and the whole in oneness. The light lives and we are all a part of the light. And so you can be assured that you are also part of the expansion of the universes and integrate them into the harmony of creation.


We from the UNEA glide on, a bit towards the sun. We receive impulses and process them further. Data and light tissue form and are fed. The planet Levento is elevated and with it a whole society of peace-loving, lightful inhabitants. We celebrate this action as we celebrate everything that serves light and love. It is a blessing for us to be able to work together in this area. We value our activity at its highest.


UNEA is a star faction union of many star nations, which received the task to bring the light of creation into darkened and heavy areas. For there are planets that ascend and adapt to higher frequencies. These star nations are aware of their task and bear a lot of responsibility. Everything that happens happens in harmony with the light and will of creation. Each one brings the light that best serves all. Counsels are consulted and every communication takes place in NOW.


The light crew of the UNEA thanks you and is happy about the light growth on Gaia. Our deep love is for her. She is the most beautiful and touches our hearts. And now I withdraw. Thank you to all who read this message and recognize its light!"





03/06/2019  News from the Starship UNEA


"And here we are, the UNEA crew. We welcome you warmly. A long journey lies behind us and we are getting closer to our goal: Levento is the planet of our choice. Here we have a very special mission.


Much joy and enthusiasm swing with us because we help a planet to a new level. In love for being we fulfill our service. And at the same time we would like to thank all participants, light bringers and growth accelerators for your commitment. Because it is of vital importance to hold and increase the light so that balance and healing can arise.


The light unit* we have brought to you is working and increasing. A quiet light that brings blessings, knowledge and wisdom. And just as constantly a net of light develops into which the knowledge weaves itself in. You are all involved in it and you receive deepest respect for it. Everything depends on the plan of Light. And we all together create such an outstanding service to humanity, the inhabitants of the earth and the planes of light.


In this coherence different planetary networks connect and exchange with each other. This is based on a level that includes much larger dimensions. Living light and knowledge will bring about such a transformation. A great task, therefore, that involves many participants and allows them to grow together. And now it is time for our commander and leader Unar:


This is Unar speaking. I greet you and send these greetings from the light ship, the UNEA. We are on schedule and looking after other tasks for which we have been selected. These tasks are always to be supervised with great care and down to the smallest detail. So we set course for Levento and for what lies ahead.


I thank all the wonderful people who give themselves to the light. You are the most faithful allies for your galactic brothers and sisters. This requires courage and the will to be part of the great mission of transformation. Herewith I close our message. Be in love, Unar."







8/3/2018  The Lightship Group UNEA


"We greet you. We're from outer space. We are the light beings of a lightship fraction called UNEA. UNEA is an association of cosmic peoples who have set their goal to bring light into darkened areas. We pass on our knowledge completely independently.


The knowledge we use is an essential structure of multiple degrees of light. We pass these multiple degrees on to those places that need knowledge and universal information. This knowledge has a long tradition. It corresponds to a time unit of 50,000 years of your calendar. All this knowledge is stored and accessible.


And today we invite you to share the knowledge and wisdom of the universe. It is a seed of light particles and fluids that adapt to structures and change them. System units regulate this process. It is a service to humanity that we support in love.


It takes courage and dedication to change the course and to be there to integrate the light of the universe with all its facets. We would like to make our knowledge which is already very old, available to mankind in the form of light segments and a corresponding download.  So retrieves the download for interstellar help with the words:





Now the forms of light and knowledge are beginning to manifest themselves in your earth space. You are the pioneers of light and love who can complete and experience their greatness through transformation. What a miracle of manifestation!


Take care that you go the way of light and be there in love for others. With great confidence in your strength and your performance we go further and explore new and beautiful things. Our knowledge is eternal, as our loyalty to the whole. We are at your side with loving thoughts and bless the process of the earth and its inhabitants.


We are still within reach but soon we leave the centre and are moving westwards where new tasks await us. May the light blossom and serve you in full size! PA'LEE - Connected forever!"



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