The light network of the Starship UNEA



The light beings of the starship of the Galactic Federation of Light with the name: UNEA are a union of cosmic peoples that bring light into darkened regions at different places in the universe. They pass on their knowledge and wisdom about an essence - structure of multiple degrees of light. With this service they want to support humanity. Please read the channeling from 8/3/2018, below.


With the 16th of december 2018 the community of light beings sent Iris their wish to unite the light and the light spectra into the universe and to form a light network. They would like to know what they are giving us with the download:  Transmit, establish and protect LE'UM NADEE.


If you want to help to heal the consciousness of humanity with this service, you are cordially invited to spread the knowledge of our star brothers and sisters as an UNEA ambassador. Healing may also be easy and the light technologies of our star siblings are equipped accordingly.


The UNEA crew invites you to be a part of their light network as a star ambassador and pioneer and to download it in the places and countries where you are staying.



Instructions for downloading:


  • Enter a calm and balanced state. Visualize light around you or call for light. Light is fluid consciousness and reacts immediately. It gives you, your project and your environment a lightful and protective framework.
  • Concentrate on the light frequency LE'UM NADEE and retrieve the download at a place suitable for you. The download:  LE'UM NADEE is clearly pronounced as light frequency. Afterwards light units spread according to individual circumstances and conditions.
  • Finally you can bless the place. Every action that happens in the light of transformation is seen and appreciated by the spiritual world.



The crew of the UNEA and Iris thank you very much for your interest and your light service. They are happy about:


  • your willingness to place yourself at the service of the Galactic Federation of Light and to spread its knowledge.
  • your readiness to found a light net around the earth with your commitment.
  • the voluntary publication of the locations where you have downloaded. With your location you help other participants and the project. For further questions contact Iris, please:


  • the dissemination of this invitation. For this you can use the already linked UNEA banner. If you want copy the banner and put it on your website or blog.     


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  • As an UNEA ambassador you will receive up-to-date information via an email or a blog post on this website.



For additional information please read the channelings from the starship.


The last channeling at the bottom of the page is the current one.



 8 / 3 / 2018 The Lightship - Group UNEA


"We greet you. We're from outer space. We are the light beings of a lightship fraction called UNEA. UNEA is an association of cosmic peoples who have set their goal to bring light into darkened areas. We pass on our knowledge completely independently.


The knowledge we use is an essential structure of multiple degrees of light. We pass these multiple degrees on to those places that need knowledge and universal information. This knowledge has a long tradition. It corresponds to a time unit of 50,000 years of your calendar. All this knowledge is stored and accessible.


And today we invite you to share the knowledge and wisdom of the universe. It is a seed of light particles and fluids that adapt to structures and change them. System units regulate this process. It is a service to humanity that we support in love.


It takes courage and dedication to change the course and to be there to integrate the light of the universe with all its facets. We would like to make our knowledge which is already very old, available to mankind in the form of light segments and a corresponding download.  So retrieves the download for interstellar help with the words:





Now the forms of light and knowledge are beginning to manifest themselves in your earth space. You are the pioneers of light and love who can complete and experience their greatness through transformation. What a miracle of manifestation!


Take care that you go the way of light and be there in love for others. With great confidence in your strength and your performance we go further and explore new and beautiful things. Our knowledge is eternal, as our loyalty to the whole. We are at your side with loving thoughts and bless the process of the earth and its inhabitants.


We are still within reach but soon we leave the centre and are moving westwards where new tasks await us. May the light blossom and serve you in full size! PA'LEE - Connected forever!"




03 / 06 / 2019 News from the Starship UNEA


"And here we are, the UNEA crew. We welcome you warmly. A long journey lies behind us and we are getting closer to our goal: Levento is the planet of our choice. Here we have a very special mission.


Much joy and enthusiasm swing with us because we help a planet to a new level. In love for being we fulfill our service. And at the same time we would like to thank all participants, light bringers and growth accelerators for your commitment. Because it is of vital importance to hold and increase the light so that balance and healing can arise.


The light unit* we have brought to you is working and increasing. A quiet light that brings blessings, knowledge and wisdom. And just as constantly a net of light develops into which the knowledge weaves itself in. You are all involved in it and you receive deepest respect for it. Everything depends on the plan of Light. And we all together create such an outstanding service to humanity, the inhabitants of the earth and the planes of light.


In this coherence different planetary networks connect and exchange with each other. This is based on a level that includes much larger dimensions. Living light and knowledge will bring about such a transformation. A great task, therefore, that involves many participants and allows them to grow together. And now it is time for our commander and leader Unar:


This is Unar speaking. I greet you and send these greetings from the light ship, the UNEA. We are on schedule and looking after other tasks for which we have been selected. These tasks are always to be supervised with great care and down to the smallest detail. So we set course for Levento and for what lies ahead.


I thank all the wonderful people who give themselves to the light. You are the most faithful allies for your galactic brothers and sisters. This requires courage and the will to be part of the great mission of transformation. Herewith I close our message. Be in love, Unar."






05 / 01 / 2019 The Starship UNEA - The Emergence of New Light Networks


„Beloved Lights,


This is Unar, commander of the UNEA. I greet you warmly. Once again I will get in touch with you because with the emergence of new light networks, life and the associated task change. And I see uncertainties that many of you feel. Therefore I would like to tell you how important it is to let these light networks develop in their purest form.


Lightnetworks mean light communication, expansion and healing. They raise further light structures and connections on a universal level and serve as a network for the exchange of intergalactic degrees of adaptation. 


You have come to earth to transform it, to lift it into the light and to beautify it. As light bearers of many nations you are guests and fulfil your tasks. These tasks are now in your interest.


We have given you a special light net in the form of a light structure - frequency. This light expands and creates further connections that develop in the universe. They are connecting structures to a variety of planetary systems. The result is an increase in vibration and alignment. Multiple degrees of information are exchanged and expanded. A universal connection is created which serves life in all habitats and units. It means to be part of a light expansion and to promote a light exchange. Clarification arises where it is needed because new forms of light emerge that replace the traditional ones. These light forms vibrate on a much higher level. Their access serves the awakened.


Your bodies are subject to many adaptations that change continuously. According to the resonance principle, highly vibrating and fine fragments are integrated and processed. The alignment is crucial because you absorb what you are ready for.


That is why we ask you, remember to be part of the whole and embody these forms of light. Lightnetwoks help Gaia to move into the accomplished beauty of higher frequency powers. Her dimension is the dimension of oneness and the light network LE'UM NADEE is her companion on the path into the light. Love imbues it and its beauty will be fully visible.


LE'UM NADEE is a frequency with special significance. It communicates in its own way, in alignment with the sun, the earth's interior, creation and all life. Life structures are touched and receive light impulses. These impulses are healing and awaken multidimensional possibilities.


So we welcome your initiative to be ambassadors and users of this light magic. We, my crew and I, bow before you for your service. We have experienced much on our way and are strengthened to continue our ministry.  Yes, we enjoy our work serving the light and the whole in oneness. The light lives and we are all a part of the light. And so you can be assured that you are also part of the expansion of the universes and integrate them into the harmony of creation.


We from the UNEA glide on, a bit towards the sun. We receive impulses and process them further. Data and light tissue form and are fed. The planet Levento is elevated and with it a whole society of peace-loving, lightful inhabitants. We celebrate this action as we celebrate everything that serves light and love. It is a blessing for us to be able to work together in this area. We value our activity at its highest.


UNEA is a star faction union of many star nations, which received the task to bring the light of creation into darkened and heavy areas. For there are planets that ascend and adapt to higher frequencies. These star nations are aware of their task and bear a lot of responsibility. Everything that happens happens in harmony with the light and will of creation. Each one brings the light that best serves all. Counsels are consulted and every communication takes place in NOW.


The light crew of the UNEA thanks you and is happy about the light growth on Gaia. Our deep love is for her. She is the most beautiful and touches our hearts. And now I withdraw. Thank you to all who read this message and recognize its light!"




07 / 04 / 2019 The Starship UNEA - Energetic Changes


"We are the crew of the UNEA and we welcome you. Joy resonates because we live our dream. Far-reaching measures are taken to benefit all earthlings who are connected to the flow of life and to the completion of their potentials.


Every soul goes the way of light and is connected with the primeval knowledge. We look at the changes. Energies of knowledge and wisdom wash through the bodies and souls. Fragments of memory strengthen the unity stream. And we are also on the spot, a little off the beaten track we observe the events. Our tasks are manifold. Thus we direct knowledge streams in the desired direction and form light substances for transmissions.


We see a tension and an elongation. The tension is a process that expands to eventually release the ancient energies. The elongation is part of the expansion to let in larger fragments of God and streams of light. Everything merges into each other. High radiations are now effective locally. They are very strongly flooding your inner planes to realign you. This can cause many side effects. The Light has truly arrived at you. So open yourselves to it and greet it warmly. You have waited so long for it.


We stand by you, see your processes and how you integrate the Light. Everything flows with the degree of openness. Much of what you have considered important and relevant so far is now moving into the background. You recognize your soul essence and follow its instructions. Spectra of universal light are passing through fields. Other light is processed from now on. The perceptions change strongly because they adapt to the 5D - mode. Multiple knowledge can thus flow in and be used. And now we hand over to our commander Unar.


Unar greets you, dear ones. Today I would like to remind you that you are the pioneers of knowledge and wisdom. You bring back what was once expressed in the advanced civilizations and the continents of light. The Christ consciousness may be experienced, it may be lived. It is integrated in every single cell. Every single one of your cells is sacred.


Reality has always existed and today there is a new and unique access to it. Our medium has just received a new exchange of energies. You will now be increasingly urged to renew your energies. You will sometimes feel as if you are in another vibrational or energy space. Let this happen. There are new adjustment processes going on there.


We all welcome your efforts to anchor the UNEA light net. More countries have been reached and the light of this network is spreading. A connection is created that can have an all-embracing effect. Everything is connected with each other and flows through new being structures. An exchange that goes beyond the earth orbit into space and attracts similar things.


We thank you for your help and support as well as for your belief in a better and more loving future. Keep up this vision. With my blessing and love I say goodbye to you. I am Unar, Light Ship - Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light."




10 / 05 / 2019  The Starship UNEA - Another Chapter


"We welcome you and send our best wishes from the lightship UNEA!


With increasing acceleration of the transformation within your earth satellite, there is an increased adaptation to changed situations that are in other energetic spaces than you have known before. Adapting to changes is also connected with choosing one's own direction. This direction can sometimes deviate from the needs and requirements of others. You are the Masters of Completion and therefore it is essential in this moment of your Now - Moment to take your own true direction - the Sound of the Heart - in order to move forward.


Much flows into you that wants to be processed. Does this suit you or are procedures just another kind of distraction? That is why every heartbeat that beats for its own good and oneness is so important. We want to continue to support you in the energetic orientations. These are global and dependent on the interstellar incidents.


We change our location and travel to the area of Venus to receive new forms of aligned light spectra. Venus is closely connected to Earth and is a great help to it in ascension. An everlasting interplay of intergalactic possibilities increases the light spectra for expansion in universal space.


Our tasks are manifold. They are oriented to create the highest for mankind and for all other allies in the sound of love. Our path is simple. We orientate ourselves exclusively according to what is to come. God's plan is kept by all allies with the highest respect and the highest regard for all being.


We from the UNEA are in deepest humility and gratitude for the resonance for the spread of the Light Essence - Structure LE'UM NADEE on your planet. Another chapter has opened as these energies reach into space and interact with other representatives and planets. A network of light which continuously expands and creates free spaces is created. Thus the light is already far advanced in its structure and application and has reached other continents on earth.


Whoever uses it feels the love behind it. You are all often honoured for this service. The range in your hearts expands. A new space is created which in turn can absorb new spectra of light. Let us embrace you for your service. We know that it is not always easy. But the result will release you from the exertions.


Everything vibrates within its direction and the old loses its importance. In wise anticipation of what may come, we want to continue to encourage you to be in love and trust. Unar reports and now we hand over to our commander Unar:


Here speaks Unar and with all my love I greet you on earth. Be blessed.


The "room" is full of friendly ships that stand by you and want your best. They are all here to applaud you and encourage you. Some "expansion" will pay off. For it is a fact that as many people as possible can participate in the Ascension. Otherwise the cells will tear and leaps of consciousness would cause great confusion. So a continuous adaptation to the new energies is the much better solution.  An approach that preserves life and offers other individuals, such as the species of animals, an opportunity to adapt.


Everything and everyone is lifted. The goal is near! And we are proud of this result. Without you and your service to the light it would only have remained a dream. We all at the UNEA acknowledge this with great interest and joy. Only in retrospect will you be able to judge what you have achieved. Beyond that we are very grateful about the origin and spreading of our light net. We all share what we have at our disposal. And this aspect of light service has now reached the universe and other communication channels which we are very, very pleased about!


In deep love we complete together what we have all come for and gratitude fills the space of the Masters. Now it is time to close. We go to Venus. In the heart we are already there.


Good luck on your paths!"





03 / 03 / 2020 The Starship UNEA - Connecting Paths


"We from the starship UNEA welcome you and send you our respect and appreciation for a long journey that has taken much strength and endurance.


We are aware that this way of living can cause problems for you as the old patterns and structures are now being lost in the new timelines, so that various moments of light are being coordinated anew. Everywhere the collapse is approaching through weakness of hold. So we would like to remind you that the hold you are looking for is within you.


Seen from up here, we overlook a multitude of activities that take place in Earth orbit. The crew of the UNEA is doing their part and helping to permanently stabilize the timelines of reality. We take into account the corresponding correlations between energy quality - and demands.


We are all working for a better and more valuable existence. In order to balance the forces in the balance, the work on the inner levels is decisive. Thus we are also present on the inner levels and perform our service. On the soul level many decisions have already been made in which form souls want to continue to exist. Everything is a choice of each individual member for the Light and this choice is respected.


Our stay on Venus was successful. Our brothers and sisters are a well-rehearsed team. They are masters in interweaving moments of light and their energy structures are the pure light and love which they carry to other places and to other galaxies. They are light essences of pure joy and serenity and they embody a pure form of love.


Venusians have been aware of their task for many "space - times" and are very much connected to the earth and its inhabitants. Their energy inevitably rises and their heart size is phenomenal. Their light structures and light paths are also part of Lady Gaia's moments of ascension.


We are a well-rehearsed team, full of anticipation to support the upliftment of the earth. Everything that happens may be seen neutrally. Every catastrophe, every disorder also has aspects of wholeness and balance in it. In order to bring about change, it is necessary to distribute forces and bring them to places that are designated for them.


You dear ones on earth know about the necessary restructuring without which a new age in harmony and community in the light of God cannot take place. So also from our side everything is being done to create connections, the exchange of light and a smoother transition.


With great joy we have noticed that our light essence LE'UM NADEE continues to spread and to network in Earth orbit. This light essence nourishes being and changes light structures. New ways of communication - and connections arise. These connection paths also meet the planes of magical knowledge, the elemental planes, the crystal planes and the light - being – planes which you can see as so-called "light phenomena".


Our light-essence structure connects on a higher vibrational level and takes on new forms. What is poor in light is transformed or renewed into what is rich in light. Radiations are split up so that a radiation inhibition can take place which are of a harmful nature.


The more this aspect of light distribution - and elevation - takes hold, the more healing activity is formed on earth. We of the UNEA welcome your participation and the effects that are formed through your service. And now we give the floor to our commander Unar:


This is Unar. It is a great pleasure for me to be in touch again with the earth and the participants of our service.


If you had a picture of the situation that would show you how everything is coming together and how everything is adjusting, you would be delighted. So many helpers at your side! So many lightworkers far away, all helping. Ascending into a new dimension is a great and interesting undertaking. It is the greatest exchange of energy one can imagine under these conditions. And you are all on board!


What greatness does each soul need to be to perform such a great service as you did on Earth?


Now it is time to preserve and expand the divine vibration. You are God and Goddess in the field and your effect is to change direction at the same time. We sprinkle stardust on you to awaken you and kiss you. It is our love to stand by you all. Every change begins with yourself. So also you begin your changes in yourself. You are the masters.


I give you my respect and honor for your service. We will remain connected forever. And now we continue to serve in this template. We see the sun and its smile. Everything is in flow. Blessed be your paths. I am Unar, lightship commander of the UNEA."



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