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The Light Network of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



From a distant galaxy which bears the name TRAVERA71, the light beings travelled with their light ship DATONA to support all life on earth in its ascension processes. Their energy is very powerful, loving and connecting. The light beings also take on a protective function and promote the stellar communication links and thus the exchange of non-verbal information of the highest order. The light beings of the TRAVERA71 galaxy hold the space for corresponding healing and adjustment processes which take place depending on the flow of evolution.


A new quality of being has emerged with the Light Network that was opened on 12/12/2021. You are connected with participation and receive the corresponding energy uplifts and alignments at intervals. This light net generates pulsating light fragments and information particles. It ejects old energy carriers and time interference. At the same time, heart connections and heart sounds are generated and connected with the corresponding vibrational frequency. A communicative exchange takes place as well as a constant frequency alignment.


The "71" of the galaxy TRAVERA is the area of a light arrangement in the context of integrations that were completed in the process of the galaxy's formation.






Registration for the participation of an energetic alignment of the Light Net


If you would like to be present and enjoy the coming supports of this light net, you can register for the next alignment transmission.


With your registration you will receive information about the TRAVERA71 Light Net and other alignments that will take place on specific dates. You are welcome to share your feelings or insights.


A new event will be posted here.


The date for the next cosmic adjustment: 22nd September 2024 at 9 pm CET. Please also contact us for questions.


Your payment: 44,- Euro


Your payment if you took part in the light adjustment on 03/17/2024:  37,- Euro







A note on the eBook GALAXIES



In the eBook GALAXIES, HIONIUM of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy also welcomes you and invites you to get to know his world better.







Messages from the Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy


The first light messages are at the bottom of this page.

Please read the channellings for the beginning of the journey there.





18/03/2024  The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"In the light of the new age, we welcome the participants of our light net adjustment of 17/03/2024. This expansion of love connects you with new aspects of reality. You have matured in everlasting love and with your possibilities and your being complement the energy and the connecting paths of the net of light in a magnificent way.


With your power, further essential anchor points of light and transformation have been able to take place in the past few hours. Overlapping levels received an alignment into lighter levels. Special techniques extend the expansion of light.


Crystal light components and their information were widely positioned. Resonances of particular beauty arise and release old energies from the lands in relation to human growth which experience an upliftment into the light of higher dimensional moments. Mobility increases exponentially.


In its expansion, the net of light describes the readjustment of matter into the dimensions of reality, and with this it connects new moments of ascent that entail adjustments on the levels of light.


Dear light servants of reality, you are strongly involved in the direction in which the light is moving. Cosmic love is guiding you into realms of your authenticity. Each of your vibrations is achieving a response in the light and new fragments of consciousness are streaming in.


We express our unspeakable love and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there. In the expansion of light you experience yourselves as true beings of creation."



On 17th March 2024, another light net adjustment took place on parts of the Earth and in the participating Lightbringers. This adjustment is expanding into higher realms of the dimensions of reality. New aspects of reality, information and crystal light components are being distributed and are working in relation to the growth flow of the population. My heartfelt thanks to the Lightbringers of the Light Network. I will send you additional information via email.




03/01/2024 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"The light of time in the NOW is characterized by a special quality for the development into the higher plane of being, an emerging and expanding plane with many potentials for the manifestation of divine qualities and for the opening of light spaces of the New Age.


The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy welcome the Light Servers to the Earth Field. Our last contribution initiated a multitude of active components in energetic compartments for the release of dense energies and the anchoring of new, modular active principles with a very high etheric light component.


The new light grid adjustment in March aims to expand the congruent light of higher being connections from the cosmos with the light of spectral, crystalline components of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy into the Earth Field and to connect it with the light of the earth and its anchor points. Due to the fact that the quality of light is different than it was a year ago, much more finely structured processes are included in the expansion of the light network.


These streams of crystalline reorganizations interweave with their locations.  From information, light language, analogies of origin agreements, the high vibrational, spectral light of the crystal planes and the guidance from new pathways of connection, a higher connection number to the Cosmic Net emerges. The Earth plane is shifting further into the expression of the New Earth and its conditions of being. The New Earth structure is weaving itself into the progressions of new degrees of light, thus feeding the progression of a higher order of life on the planes that are designed for it.


Our Light Ministry which we have chosen for the readjustment of the Light Net concerns the areas of life in Santang (China), Russia, India and New Zealand. These regions will simultaneously flush out the old and ensure a new anchoring of the crystalline light and its information. A wide, open energy can emerge in the course of which the cosmic light can expand.


The light, its anchoring and the new feeds, depending on the preconditions, cause a constant flow of new moments of multidimensional expression. We look forward to every encounter that expands the common bond of light grid alignment with our light and our activity on March 17, 2024. Love is the driving flow of new, promising moments of experience and being. It forms new paths of connection and opens hearts.


With every single injection of light, the moments shift towards oneness with the source and its structures. The multidimensional light network of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy is a cosmic location of light expansion in the New Age. As in our past encounters, all pathways of connection and expansions of light are multidimensional in nature. We love this service of light and the bringing in of new realms of light and information and thank you for your decision to join us in incorporating the sign of new light pathways into the Earth Field.


You are honored for your courage to open to the new and the expansion of the net of light. The language of light is a unified language and it communicates at the heart level. A wise flow of communication of new particles of knowledge and the exchange of light is taking place."



The focus of the coming cosmic light net adjustment of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy is again a shift into the energy quality of the New Earth. At the same time the light will be further expanded and new light components will cause the release of dense energies. A multidimensional approach enables the perception of a network of light that exists on different levels, expands and unfolds its effect. Complex interactions and processes describe light expansion processes and their interdependencies.


If you would like to take part, please contact us. You can find the description above.You will receive further information on the course of the light net adjustment after your participation.





11/11/2023 The light beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy

"Our true being reflects the light in your hearts. In the vibration of the light grid alignment we welcome the hearts of the participants. Our joy is great. New pathways of connection have been opened and structures of unity have been woven with the lands and planes of alignment.

Within yourselves, a portal to the New Earth dimension has been opened and is vibrating in areas of Light communication. With the light grid alignment, the land areas are receiving an overarching light structure and weaving themselves into the transition into higher dimensional realms of being.

You have been able to muster the strength to station the web of light as a connection in various locations, ensuring a constant flow of new energies. All information that serves you is sent to you as a unit of this web of light.

Our hearts are great and so we bless our exchange with the light of our galaxy and thank you, beloved servants of light, for this wonderful co-operation."




10/24/2023 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"The origin of being is transmitted through the continuing flow of the Source. Out of itself, the flow of information of energies brings about an everlasting process of alignment with the being of the Source of Creation and thus with the individual being of the self of a soul. Accompanied by the wave of indescribable love, we welcome the light servants of the earth.


Joy vibrates in our hearts. The expansion of the network of light creates a constant alignment of high light components in different dimensional progressions, intermediate stations and all beings involved. Thus we wish to give thanks and weave the spark of creation of our galaxy into the being of NOW.


Parables of an intergalactic world arise and adorn a higher earth with new laws and relationships. They are laws and structures of reality.


You are experiencing yourselves in the net of light in the higher dimensional aspects of reality and in the ongoing love and care of the great flow of intergalactic energies of being, the information of light, high degrees and spectrums of light. Crystal light components are replacing old structures and distortions. Your connection to the spheres of new possibilities with their information carriers brings about an area-wide interweaving with cosmic particles.


The flow of the net of light expands. Lands that are subject to adjustment have been flooded so that the old could detach. Deformations are coming to light and are being given new opportunities to align into more luminous levels. We support the ascension of the earth, the people and the life in all living things.


Beyond the ascension frequencies we are moving into the passage of the intergalactic new earth form with its spectral lights to stabilise our higher light net and anchor it as a new form of connection.


The coming light net adjustment is an adjustment into the New Earth structure, creating new pathways of connection. Our destination and intention is for light activation in Central Asia*, Papua New Guinea**, the Australian Archipelago***, as well as several other New Earth land areas.


We welcome every light servant and welcome all to be part of it. Resonance to us and to our net of light emanates from all energy sources and causes an echo in souls, a sound of intensity and belonging. Patterns of oneness emerge. The sound is the spectrum to experience one's soul essence and to pursue one's purpose.


With the energies of transmission, new patterns of creation are anchored. They resonate with expanding particles of light and information. Even if you are not further versed in energies, however, the patterns and information will bring about an uplifting and expanding expansion in life and knowledge.


All is fluid and so we can confirm to you that the new life on Earth is forming. To what extent and at what time is a matter of compatibility of all involved. Our common task is important. We support each soul individually in its own way and provide glimpses of light into a crystalline world of creation.


We thank you for your interest and for your support. May all aspects of reality manifest within you."



On 09th November 2023 another light grid adjustment will take place. As a result, cross-dimensional flows of light will be rewoven and anchor on the Earth plane. Beyond Ascension, the TRAVERA71 Galaxy light net spreads and shifts for a constant intergalactic flow of new information and light particles. The awakening into one's own soul frequency is at the same time an experiencing of one's tasks. Each soul goes through its growth process in its own time and receives the impulses that reveal its tasks.


You will receive more information about the course of the light adjustment with your participation.


*Five geopolitically interesting countries

**Part of Oceania

**~ 8,222 islands: Australia, Tasmania, Pacific




08/06/2023 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"Connectedness and strength are parameters of oneness and reflect consciousness into the embodiment of the soul. Warmly we welcome you, beloved light servants on earth.


We are well aware of the challenging quality of time, with the periods of highest growth potential. These are soul processes of an elevated order that are being passed through, the fine tuning, so to speak, into the level of the timeless dimension that embodies and respects the origin of all individual souls.


So you can ask yourselves to what extent you have matured and are embodying the light and mastering processes in challenging energies. True love involves a high degree of competency in the handling of life and with all that you are connected to, act with or feel the influences of, there is a peaceful and harmonious energy, part of the adjustment to higher levels of light.


Much of what happens and why it happens cannot be understood and yet these activities are part of life. Examine your resonances and the bringing of your energies into areas that you feel no correspondence to in your soul. It is your soul that is sending out the call to walk the path that corresponds to yourself. Through this you experience strength and the connection to all being. You grasp the essential, the light and your tasks.


Our network of light spreads out in full beauty. In different phases, at different times, according to your basic vibration, you will feel the essence of the net of light and take in particles of consciousness, crystalline frequencies and their information.


Light servants who work with us move into the next phase of correspondence for their soul unity. The strength of the soul expresses itself truthfully, so that actions shape themselves out of the correspondence of the soul. A flow of communication brings about a continuing supply of the particles of higher worlds of experience. A flowing light communication with the TRAVERA71 galaxy arises and is understood at the soul level.


Some things can only be realised at certain points in time. The perfection of the convergence of all the necessary parameters, including the status for the subtle and the physical receptions, are shaping new dimensional pathways, pathways that you recognise yourselves in and give expression to you.


We are in a place of heightened density, directing energies of the gateway opening of August into the intended processes. Stepping through the portal is at the same time an unleashing of the old energy patterns and leads to a new acceptance of the flow of life. A great interaction arises in the energetic flow. Everything is possible. Particles are broken down in all directions and new ones are added which vibrate into the substance of inner and outer processes.


We also want to name the movement. A movement of togetherness emerges and leads to collective insights. Perceptions intensify. This intensifies the exchange between the earth and all light encounters outside of the earth.


You can feel energy flows in your heart chakra. The heart expands. It is expanding into a portal of interactive togetherness and automatically equal vibration and frequency patterns will be found.


Life is happening in the NOW. Burdens of higher density are carriers of an old generation of growth. Step out of these energies and receive energies and possibilities of a correspondence of the timeline of reality. Move in your intuitive flow. You will learn much more about yourself and realisations will find their way.


Love is our gift and at the same time our blessing. We are a partner on the path to unlimited possibilities. May our crystal vibration touch you, work in you and strengthen love. We thank you for your love and your openness to us."



Developments also take place in phases, with the corresponding energetic alignments. The prerequisites for this include growth and the integration of the elevated light. A certain level has to be reached in order to be integrated into a next higher level. The light beings reach out to us. A wideness and a knowledge for other possibilities of life in the light arise.





05/10/2023 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"With the ray of our galaxy we welcome the light servants of this time on earth. A magnificent manifestation of light and interweaving is taking shape in the light pathways that are allowing the TRAVERA71 galaxy light Network to expand and develop expansively in its effect.


The event of upliftment is initiated by many light agents and light influences of cosmic origin. The movement expands and the mass subject to change moves congruently with the expansion impulses in the Now Time. Life is being lifted to a new level and is about to set life-changing standards. Devotedly we watch you and recognise the effects and movements within changing structures.


The light net and all present participants are simultaneously guided step by step further into the process which is of particular importance for their progress and soul growth. Light impulses are sent for this purpose. The light net is rising with the resonances of the TRAVERA71 galaxy and the crystal levels of reality.


You can feel our connection in the cells and muscles. New adjustments are taking place to release the density of solidity. Your heart rhythms are weaving into the great heart of being, a connection that supports the heart-based way of life and promotes the important, insightful in life, in conditions of growth and upliftment.


Purposefully, through our net of light, places and life flows have been raised in vibration and unite with further crystalline flows of information. The light of the network of light extends in large parts of uninhabited land areas, so that energy flows and information platforms of light are also formed there. Blessed be the life that is opening up to the evolutionary flow of new possibilities on all levels.


You are the spectrum of light that is bringing about the change at this time and you are graduating into new spectrums of being within your spiritual growth cycle. Your perception will then receive a boost that will send you information in milliseconds at the feeling or thought level to grasp life and truth in the "now". Trust the promptings and trust the feeling that is given to you in each moment.


If you are clairvoyant, you can see the network of light before your eyes, with spectral colours and ramifications. Fine, very fine is its expression and yet it is highly intense in its effect and structure. In this time of growth you are often required to go into retreat or to deal with the unplanned. All of this is in service to your alignment into higher dimensions, to meet the being of your expression and to claim life from the fullness of possibility.


Decisions are made that feel right for you in each moment. The outer is blurring more and more into an improbable mass that can be subject to ongoing change. Carried by the knowledge of reality and the dimensional shift, you are now experiencing yourself more in the position of the true primal expression of yourself. It is new patterns of feeling and moving into unexplored energies that are accompanying you.


 We stand by your side. Our light expands devotedly and brings about systems of change. The crystalline pathways within you are activating points of interconnectedness with the Light. A new alignment with the TRAVERA71 Galaxy Light Network is coming up on 11th November 2023. You are invited to walk with us. We thank you and fill you with our Light and Being. The "now" is the strength from which you draw."


The TRAVERA71 galaxy is one of the galaxies that are joining in the process of light adjustments on Earth and expanding their knowledge, energies and possibilities, across our light net.  Different areas are receiving new codes and light uplifts for continued growth. Connections, beyond Earth, are forming and causing a confluence of new interstellar knowledge and life.





02/14/2023 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"We welcome the lights of the Earth region and vibrate into the frequency of the light ascension.


At the same time we thank you for your participation in our project of joint light network adjustment. Together we are fulfilling the mission of the adjustment and expansion of the crystalline light net to reconnect with the peace and origin of divine creation which is taking place through the new light anchorages in the areas of East Asia and in all the regions where our common light net has already expanded and expanded.


We rejoice immeasurably in the workings and initiations that are occurring through the energy adjustments. With the new light net adjustments, already existing frequencies of light and constant transformation in Asia could be raised into a far reaching expression of crystal vibrating levels of light.


The TRAVERA71 light net works in the areas above the earth and in the layers within the earth which weave themselves into a different status of light-frequented order through newly arriving frequency connections and light-being-information.


Adjustment processes are changing life and creating a consciousness of love and mutual respect. Dark systems of power abuse can be released and transferred into the realms of neutrality. From NOW on, the TRAVERA71 light net is flooded with the highest impulses of light and being which are intended for the arrangement of new areas of life and being for the earth region.


All original paths which are permeated with the light net are continuously increased by the adjustment to the vibration frequency of the original light. Crystal vibrations distribute the light impulses and go into resonance with similar information carriers.


Souls participating in the light net adjustment receive knowledge impulses for their further path into the light and are deeply rooted with the regions of the earth, whether through incanations or through the drive to contribute their light and love in special areas. Our highest respect goes to all who dedicate themselves to love. The network of light is expanding within all the souls who give us their trust and outside, in the areas and cultures with a high frequency of knowledge and life.


The TRAVERA71 frequencies of light awaken the energies of high cultural evolution, so that this knowledge can be all-encompassing in the beauty of light. Our task is to let our knowledge, our vibrational frequencies and light elevations flow into the realms of the earth with new, crystalline information carriers of unity and to feed a network of light that nourishes all of life and all areas of life, growth and being.


New, fantastic and dignified encounters in the light arise through the expansion into which the light net is moving. All new light-filled information moves within you and impulses arise that open up paths in your consciousness and give you confidence to express your light and your tasks.


With great respect we meet this process and stage of your being. We thank you and send our vibration with you."


Additional information was sent to the participants. The channeling is available in the download. Thank you so much for your light. The next light net adjustment of the light beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy will take place on 11/09/2023. 



01/09/2023 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"Dear light warriors and allies, it is our pleasure to enter the space of encounter in the vibration of the TAVERA71 galaxy.


Earth is going the way of ascension and many essential adjustment processes in dimensions of the light planes are taking place before your eyes. The network of light is expanding and light information serves as a guide for all living beings which can be experienced in a multidimensional expansion.


We move with you and grasp the crystalline levels of the earth which in resonance build up another vibrational field and let it blossom. Layer by layer everything will change, is subject to a change and a readjustment for the vibrational level into a crystal dimension of light.


With the mind this adjustment process is not to be grasped, since it concerns comprehensive light and being levels which were extended before in their vibration. The light net of the TAVERA71 galaxy generates light impulses and a crystalline light language which unfolds and touches itself packed, depending on evolutionary development. Holistic aspects of being can be awakened and triggered by the energies. A flow of new, interdimensional communication paths contains the light fluid for further developments.


Earth is a communication planet. An influential being of creation, it takes the path of light in many different processes and receives all the energy adjustments it needs. Shift by shift the Light comes to meet her and fills the spaces of life. Attributes of equality arise and with the attributes life experiences itself as an acceptance aspect to all-that-is.


Differences are recognized as life expressions of individual imprint. In order for each living being to be honored, forms of consciousness of light are to be grasped in a distinct way. With inflowing consciousness the field of collective dissonance regulates and experiences itself in points of unity. These points expand, open up into a form of equal interests that serve life and growth.


Non-verbal communication streams are fed through our light net and graduations into the realms of cognition, take place.


The upcoming light net adjustment on Feb. 13, 2023, moves the influx of love impulses into the continent of East Asia, China and North Korea. Through the high cultural level of being which has been shaped by indoctrination, light pathways of awakening and advocacy for life are emerging.


Treasures that seemed long hidden can be revealed to the world in the flow of the presence of crystalline aspects. Peace comes through the inner realization of dedicating oneself as one to a light-filled and liberated future.


With our light net the points of stationary and rigid moments of movement are released to allow a flow of new, non-verbal energies of light to flow and integrate. Earth areas are blessed by the flow of crystalline information carriers. The life-denying or the life-impairing will remove itself in the flow of evolutionary adjustment processes.


And so we are ready to bring our service with your strength, courage and blessing, to participate in this transformation into the Light. Your connection to the history of a distinct culture of life resonates to serve in this way.


The entire Light Network will be fed with Light and nurturing components of Oneness on Feb. 13, 2023. It is experiencing a new, interactive expansion. We are with you in the time of great upheaval and hereby invite you to participate in the light net adjustment.


Connected with our love we close our message and thank all souls for their work."




09/05/2022 The Light Beings of the Travera71 Galaxy

"Dear Commissioners of the Light Network, we greet you and we thank you for your trust to participate as foundations and supports of the Light Network of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy.

A high level of energies flowed in and connections were formed that are continuously nourished and supplied in the course of the distribution and expansion of crystalline information flows.

The raising of the level of Latin America had its origin in the expansion of knowledge and the awakening of the Primordial Lights and their information for the New Era.

With this expansion into the high cultural realm of knowledge, new creator aspects are being anchored.  Information has been inscribed in the water and light anomalies have been balanced.

The net rises in dependence of the transition into the 5th dimension and at the same time feeds experience values of higher dimensional progressions. The light world of the countries receives a new connection and resonance to multi-dimensional stores of knowledge. Much has been newly activated on the transmission path.

In order to go deeper into the matter of knowledge and analogy, the souls in their development experience themselves more strongly in their primordial vibration and in the awakening of the primordial information, which carries the content of a potential for development.

Interactions with star beings and cities of light are developed in advance so that everything flows into each other and the energy of growing together can take place on a new level.

As contributors, your souls have been aware of going through a preparation for a task with the light net upliftment. A heart-based task in merging with Latin American fields of love lies before you and is evolving in the alignment and unfoldment of the self.

As the original representatives of a great community of high cultural knowledge, your genetic make-up recognises the vibration into which you are being carried and releases information of knowledge and multiplicity for your evolution.

It is with great joy that we see the further steps of development and the cohesion that is being shown in the light of the new world community. Our love and gratitude reaches out to you as more information of this transmission. Be blessed."

On 09/03/2022 the light net adjustment with the light beings took place. Powerful energies were extended over a wide area. After an adjustment period, energetically a lightness can be experienced on a new level.

Supplementary information was sent. The next light net adjustment will take place on 02/13/2023. Thank you very much for your participation.





08/30/2022 The Light Beings of the Travera71 Galaxy

"Dear Allies of Light, Dear Servants of Unity, we greet you in the vibration of the Light Net of the TRAVERA71 GALAXY.

It is with great joy that we hand over to you the information of the Light Net Adjustments. This is a special time of evolution and expansion. Every soul experiences itself in a new energy of knowledge. At the same time, cosmic light-breakers are streaming into the area of the Earth. Deep transformations are taking place.

Our light network will be lifted up in the crystal structure and in the nature of being on 03.09.2022 and will experience itself in new interconnections. Light interweavings are taking place. The interconnecting current passes on information units of the higher, spectral light. In this connection, new, staggered levels of light of central origin are flowing in and a further, extended communicative flow of being is emerging.

Crystalline aspects of great beauty flow and uplift the web of light. We expand the connection into the Latin plane. Interactive resonances support the transport of light units. At the same time each soul receives aspects of consciousness for the recognition of its alignment and task.

In this joyful evolution, we invite you to initiate and ignite the web of light through your active connection. All help is welcome and expands the courage that stands for openness and acceptance of your Galactic Heritage. Feel into our vibration. It is a degree of what our galaxy is all about.

Connecting pathways are emerging and with each adjustment of the net of light, the beauty of our connection is emerging. New information networks incorporate and expand.

As a part of our net of light, you resonate with the crystal particles of reality. We walk all the stages together with you.

Our light adjustment processes on 09/03/2022 uplift from old structures and connections. Through the flow of new, integral information, a letting go mechanism and an alignment to the essential arises, which serves all in its entirety.

We pass on all new information following our transmissions and expansions. Our love is for your processes. May the light expand and touch life."




05/16/2022  The Light Beings of the Travera71 Galaxy



"In the service of new energies and great changes, we welcome you. With an increasing vibration, human consciousness and the realities of life are changing.

Our goal is to create connections and expand the web of light of our community with our level of energy. Love creates connections and possibilities of expansion. Soul complexity is also experiencing itself in a new way. It is an awakening of the soul potential that joins and shines in the vibration of Oneness.


We began with our light expansions and adjustments that we, as carriers of the central light, hold. In this space of complex energies of light, you experience yourself in a higher form of consciousness. Currents of light create ongoing adjustments to areas of unfoldment and recognition of soul potential.


Earth is perceived for what it is: a living being of light and love, connected to the beauty of creation. It is this beauty that expands, and with it, life. Parameters of life arise and expand because of new forms and beings that are adapted to the light and take up their sphere of action in creation.


Today we wish to speak of miracles, for it is the miracles of life that occur with the generation of the highest and most light-filled expression of life.  You are already miracles of creation, and by living in the light, you receive new standards and likenesses. A miracle is an expression of higher creation, a change that expresses life in a new light, a gift from heaven or a generation of benefits.


Miracles arise in love. They want to be seen and experienced, and with the energy of miracles, the soul substance moves, vibrates in the light and resounds in the sphere of being. We expand the web of light to touch life. All scales of light connect within the net and particles of origin of being flow in in great abundance.


Everything in life serves to receive parameters of creation to experience within the flow of creation. So at constitutional points we raise the light for a connection that aligns and allows life to be experienced in a higher plane. Crystalline anchors of light are created. They expand further and connect with the crystal structure of the earth.


A flow of new light allows people to realise that life expresses itself in them and they are a creation expression of their realities. Every soul strives towards the light and is called to face the flow of new ways of living. A change of direction in creation has been initiated. Human beings are recognising their light.


Step by step we are raising our net of light. This light net speaks in the language of our light worlds. It contains communication links and impulses for new alignments that address the souls. Our exchange serves as a preliminary stage for the upliftment of the Earth. As a structural unit, we are part of the light upliftment into the timeless being of new worlds of experience and dimensions.


The quality of time is a quality of purification and experience of life components that can lead to more light-filled choices. A balancing of decisions is a process of adapting to the light and serving the good of the whole. Many impulses correspond to the recognition of the essential and thus to the components that are conducive to life. This gives rise to expressions of life for communities in the Light of the New Era.


The time of change has taken hold of you and accompanies you depending on your soul assignments. We, as Beings of Light, accompany the processes and support life connections. You are the life on the "jewel" earth.


Our love is with you, in the phases of adjustment and beyond. ME HA TAU."





05/06/2022 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"In the light of the light net of our galaxy, we welcome you.


With yesterday's expansion of the net of light, we have connected points that are located in different lands of your planet. With this, all living beings and life forms of the light net resonate with our communication light and the light of healing through the higher laws.


Very specifically in Germany, energetic foundations have also been established that channel out the burden of the old days of life in guilt and banishment.


We gave our information of love and healing power into the connections of the light network. New forms of light were anchored and the heart spaces of each soul found themselves on a new level. This level invites to be explored. It holds further connections in the light of being and further experiences as light bearers.


The souls now respond intuitively to the heart impulses. This is also how a new sense of security is established. The web of light we have created expands and fills with the light of reality. Our energies are valuable for the time of transition and for the time on a new, elevated dimensional level to experience and integrate the extent of divinity.


Impulses of non-verbal communication facilitate harmony into the hierarchies of the light worlds and their creatures. Healing intensities flood the web of light and the light flows through all systems to settle accordingly in the life pathways and life cycles.


With Ascension we walk the path of realisation with the web of light for a world that vibrates in peace, joy and in love. We look forward to reuniting with the processes of adjustment on an expanded plane of light. We would like to announce to you that on 03 September 2022 we will carry out the necessary light adjustments and are very happy about your light and trust to walk this path with us.


With all our love we bless the processes of progression into the light and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the fellowship of living in the light."





03/06/2022 The TRAVERA71 Light Net



Already yesterday afternoon I felt the energies of the light net of the TRAVERA71 galaxy and felt the energies as "knowing". A superior knowing that is available to souls on another level. Energies of steadfastness and being grounded also flowed in.


Loving impulses lead to an expansion of light frequencies and qualities that let the earth blossom in a new beauty. The light beings have given me their message today about the course of the expansion.





12/12/2021 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"Dear Allies. Dear brothers and sisters, we have come to assist you, in love and in faith, to bring about the best for the community.


Today we have allowed our light to flow and wonderful pathways are expanding. Expansions of consciousness and healings are occurring in a web of light and love for the whole. These planes of light are filled with new information. They have been woven in and serve across countries to cover a wide spectrum of connectedness.


This means that even cities and communities with little light receive an upliftment. In addition, a heart healing has been initiated and so the light flows into the hearts and transforms fractures, hurts and suffering into joy, acceptance and realisation.


We wish to thank you for the trust and the will to stand in the light, joined in unity and in love for a new time frequency of the dimensions of light.


Feel the increasing lightness in your heart. We are lifting this web. Fragments of light, currents of being and particles of information are pulsing through this plane constantly from now on. And this plane touches your counterpart, it touches surfaces and fields of transformation and the deposits of old energies. Processes of the old time structures are being erased.


Your hearts pulsate in oneness and their sounds attract the sounds of other hearts that vibrate on the same frequency level with you. Love is the magic word. The love of being fills you in a new way. And with that we say goodbye until further levels of light call us to be supported in the best way by all of us.


Walk in love into the new life, the life that serves oneness. We bless each one of you."





12/12/2021 Transmissions & Connections of the Light Beings



The blissful and beautiful energy of the Light Beings began to flow in at 3.40 am. A web of light is created that continues to be lifted at intervals. This net of light corresponds with everything that is touched by it within the comprehensive field.

I received a message (see below) about the course of the connections following their transmission. Thank you very much for your trust in my light service and the transmission of the energies of the New Age through your aura, your consciousness and through your decisions. For subsequent energetic adjustments, according to the quality of time, I will post current information in my blog.





12/08/2021 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"We greet you in this lineage of outstanding possibilities of unfoldment, in a time that gives you the opportunity to know and love yourselves from a fuller way.


It is you who are rising in this new world of sublime being, each in your own time and in your own form that is right for you. Much will change on the love planet Gaia. Love is anchored and all that is devoid of love is saying goodbye.


Structures are breaking down and the Divine is shining through. You often wonder how you should behave. Be your Self. The true self is powerful and strong. You are self-aware and this service to yourself is required so that others may recognise themselves in you and thus perceive themselves as an aspect of divine love.


This love for all being symbolises at the same time your original imprint which you leave behind with every incarnation and in all worlds. This connection is now being renewed. We have come to serve you to awaken your aspects and to ask you to be the light that you have received from the source of the highest light since the beginning of your creation.


To further your awareness of this, we will illuminate energetic connections and patterns to all aspects where you have anchored your light. You recognise your path as one of perpetual growth through all eras. You acknowledge your star journeys and your life on the stars and you connect with your soul essence according to your awareness.


We also activate this vibration with your consent. The times ahead can be turbulent and it is up to you to anchor deeply and firmly within yourself and feel the core of all being within you. For within that core lies the truth and veracity for the divine expression that you are conforming to. This divine expression is blessed and manifests in the way that you find yourself within yourself, accepting yourself and serving the whole.


Connections of light arise that are fostered in the light of love. They are connections that serve the whole and lift it to a new level of evolution. We will activate and strengthen this network of light, analogous to your consciousness, so that you will be able to think, feel and act further.


When structures break, people recognise themselves. They recognise their desires and they recognise what they stand for. So we lovingly ask you: Stand up for yourself and give this choice an expression. This expression sends impulses for moving forward in the light.


We will raise the connected web of light on 12/12/2021 at 4.00 am CET and begin to let the clarity flow again in all of you. This clarity will lead to an expansion of light. Give us permission as a clear intention and we will guide you on the path into the light and into a world that is beyond what you have already come to know as an expression of life.


Lightful things may happen. May all aspects of being connect so that the myriad expressions of soul may shine. We do our best and take our leave with our blessings. We sing a starry song. It is the song of brotherhood and sisterhood for all life in the divine illumined light and thank you for your faithfulness."


The energetic help of light beings for activation will take place on 12/12/2021 at 4:00. It reminds me of Merlins training "Light Branches of Reality". In this training Merlin connects for his magician all his magical light imprints of the alchemical being from all eras.


For your connection to an energetic alignment or healing, pass on your intention to the light beings. You will find their previous messages in the download under the dates 11/10/2020 and 06/24/.2021.





06/24/2021 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"We are the Envoys of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy, and we greet you with love.


Great things are ahead of you, the incorporation into the dimensions of Light are in preparation and in execution. Have you wondered what this means to you?


Your world is in transition. A central change as structures and forms of life are changing on many levels. All the greater is the extent of your inner change. You are being led to yourself to who you are. Your tasks are relevant and in demand.


As the guiding society for the Federation of Divine Unity, it is you who have taken on the task of guiding and accompanying humanity. Therefore, you are required to embody a pure being with a pure knowledge. You yourselves have to find and clarify yourselves in order to emerge as that which you wish to embody.


The expulsion of coarse material substances of low-light energies and patterns has begun. Sluices are being created and opened to draw out the energy flows. New consciousness is flowing into your bodies and minds. You are becoming aware of other thought currents or you are receiving thought pauses that allow you to reflect. A new order is emerging within you.


We give you the advice not to look back but to take in what life is reflecting in this moment of truths to integrate it in order to be able to move on. You are the ones who will be asked when the matrix falls in on itself. This matrix holds programmes of a time epoch of dark forces and their activities. With the fall of the matrix the circumstances are changing for each of you as comprehensively there will be different energy conditions for all souls, whether at lower levels or at very elevated levels.


This process serves a great liberation. How much are you still operating the old programmes? See the light coming. It is all around you. You are being supplied with sounds, light parameters and codes. Planets and stars are speaking to you. Their communication waves are hitting your bodies and your consciousness. There is a vibration of communicative exchange with souls who are walking the path of light and opening further to the light.


We would like to invite you to join this communicative exchange. We mean that you consciously send out loving messages, words and your light. This can happen mentally and serves to strengthen the structure of the Light, as well as the exchange with other Star Peoples - and nations.


Send love out into the world. Rejoice, and be open to non-verbal feedback. We, from our side, protect the flows of communication based on love and hold the space for further connections.


One more point we would like to make is the practice of confidence. Without confidence, life seems bleak. Time and again, the glimmer of hope crumbles when challenges can take over. This is why it is so important to practice confidence to keep the vibration up. It is the vibration of love and oneness. We ask you to use small exercises of confidence to strengthen you and illuminate your paths. Strengthen yourselves in the thoughts of connectedness. Rejoice in the help that is given to you. And know that you are surrounded by many helpers and supporters of the light.


This movement is now finding its match and more and more people are awakening into the flow of vibration for the One, for the love of all-that-is. The separation is first to be lifted within yourselves, as you define yourselves through thoughts of separation. Split-off parts from all times are thus to be integrated. They emerge to show you where you have lost your connections. Accept all parts into your system with love and joy, for you are nothing else!


Internalise that it is you who lead by example, show up and release the dramas from the world. Your strength is needed now. Therefore, remain strong, even if many things are changing around you. This is your task and we are with you, keeping the connections strong.


Blessings and love flow in to strengthen the bond of unity. We thank you for your being."





11/10/2020 The Light Beings of the TRAVERA71 Galaxy



"Dear souls taking the Ascension Path, we, from the approaching entity of the ship DATONA, welcome you most warmly.


We too enjoy the connection to this channel to share our messages with you. Aligning the frequency is the first thing that needs to be done to be able to communicate with you in this way.


We have come a long way. We come from the galaxy TRAVERA71 to assist you in attaining Ascended Human status in this lifetime. Well, we are just one part of a whole troop of galactic helpers and sovereigns who are helping to hold the Light and change the status quo. For the light that is hitting you is a special one. It is changing your lives, your bodies and your consciousness


From our perspective, we see that many people are not yet aware of the uniqueness of their individual being. They see the developments on the outside, and these mirror the qualities on the inside. But with increasing interest in their own well-being, they recognise their origin and trace their primordial identity in order to develop further.


They receive instructions, impulses and changes of direction which encourage them to look at life and life's steps in a different perspective. This is all guided by the divine momentum that is now hitting your Earth orbit and connecting with the energy poles. These poles of energy are bringing about a structured change so that the light that is flowing into you is flushing out large parts of old behaviours.


Holding on to old conditions would delay the process. The basic measure is to know that you are all more and have access to these gifts. These gifts unfold your potential and are part of the cosmic evolution as beings in a human body.


Your realities determine your paths and every second of your life you are creating your realities. These vibrations enter into the substance of evolutionary developments. They reverberate in the existence of that which lies within creation and its tasks. All is thus recorded in the libraries of light that are ever expanding.


It is of great significance that every step is an effect and mindfulness of an action can change the course of a reality.


The time (the moment) has come for us to serve humanity to send it impulses and to lead it step by step into a new existence. Dasein, this treasure, lies within every human being. So dare, be devoted in your being, to accept the path of light and love for all-that-is. There is no separation. This aspect was for the experience within the earth plane.


See the light come and welcome it wisely. We are by your side, serving the celestial laws and giving you strength. In this vibration we conclude and thank you for your interest in our message."