Download - Gifts



The download is a gift. They are energetic symbols in the form of a template for healing the self and for healing water. The star Aldebaran has given us a healing symbol for more self-empowerment. The water healing symbol of the universe, as well as the water healing symbol of the Arcturians, serves water healing and keeping the physical body healthy.


All symbols are activated and work intelligently and independently when applied. A commercial use by third parties is energetically excluded. I wish you much joy with the application!


You can download a few mp3 recordings. They are original words of the Sphinx from Giza for the fusion into the unity or use an intro of a cosmic song. These words go into your soul essence and effect healing. You can also use the words for light expansion. Ashtas Light language ist helpful to helpful for the adaptations to the higher energy conditions during the time of transition.


All gifts are for private use only.  



Included into download:


Water healing symbol from the universe


Water healing symbol of the Arcturians


Healing symbol of the Aldebarans


mp3 The Sphinx: Original words of oneness


mp3 The Sphinx: Intro of a cosmic song


mp3 The Sphinx: Light expansion


mp3 The Sphinx: Moments of Oneness


mp3 The sphinx: Frequency of Ascent


mp3 The Sphinx: Initiation for light processes


mp3 The Sphinx: Soul Lights


mp3 The Sphinx: Extending the language of light


Ashtar: Initiation for light processes


mp3 The Sphinx: Opening into the light of paradise


Essence of the source - A prayer of peace


Ashtar: Ashtar: The Etheric Inhalant


mp3 The Sphinx: Recognizing the highest light paths



To download go to the respective link, please.