9 / 2 / 2018  MERLIN


"Merlin says hello to you. With my light I am at your side. In these times which change a lot you play your part. Every thought changes the substance and fills the scales to be for or against something. Your alignment and your will determine your resonances and healing steps can be performed.


A cosmic retreading is imminent, and everything is moving to its right place which is intended for it. The many levels in which you work support your multidimensional being and align yourself. You will be supplied by the new light. It is the light of oneness. Light as a whole is an elixir of life. Whoever tastes it will feel more and more relief and joy. A light bearer receives the tools for its further development and doors are opened.


Magical work on the levels of creation creates new interesting degrees of light. The change continues. The alarm call will now be heard in all cells. And new, wonderful creations are ready to step into matter. Beloved soul that you read this, your development status progresses and sometimes a reorientation or a pause is the signpost.


With love and the magic connection for all being I bless you with starlight. I am Merlin the Cosmic Light."




8 / 30 / 2018  ASHTAR would like to pass on the following recommendation to you:


"Put your development beyond the aspects of duality and act whatever it takes! Deceptions, promises or quick acknowledgements are revealed. Stay with yourself and relax. You're integrated into our system. Take care to stay on the right path!"




8 / 3 / 2018 The Lightship - Group UNEA


"We greet you. We're from outer space. We are the light beings of a lightship faction called UNEA. UNEA is an association of cosmic peoples who have set their goal to bring light into darkened areas. We pass on our knowledge completely independently.


The knowledge we use is an essential structure of multiple degrees of light. We pass these multiple degrees on to those places that need knowledge and universal information. This knowledge has a long tradition. It corresponds to a time unit of 50,000 years of your calendar. All this knowledge is stored and accessible.


And today we invite you to share the knowledge and wisdom of the universe. It is a seed of light particles and fluids that adapt to structures and change them. System units regulate this process. It is a service to humanity that we support in love.


It takes courage and dedication to change the course and to be there to integrate the light of the universe with all its facets. We would like to make our knowledge which is already very old, available to mankind in the form of light segments and a corresponding download.  So retrieves the download for interstellar help with the words:





Now the forms of light and knowledge are beginning to manifest themselves in your earth space. You are the pioneers of light and love who can complete and experience their greatness through transformation. What a miracle of manifestation!


Take care that you go the way of light and be there in love for others. With great confidence in your strength and your performance we go further and explore new and beautiful things. Our knowledge is eternal, as our loyalty to the whole. We are at your side with loving thoughts and bless the process of the earth and its inhabitants.


We are still within reach but soon we leave the centre and are moving westwards where new tasks await us. May the light blossom and serve you in full size! PA'LEE - Connected forever!"



07 / 29 / 2018  Cyron of the Pleiades


"Cyron greets you. As a mediator I am available to explain the energy activities and relationships. Project Earth is undergoing a cleaning process and at the same time the new consciousness unfolds. In each body light pulses are activated which make it easier to go to the flood of the unit stream. These mass of movements is revolutionary. The result is a new existence, a paradigm of love and the fulfilled - being.


We are in connection with some sites and make sure that the influx of new energy is uniform. These streams of energy bring a new shift in the expression and the behaviors with them. At the same time the levels of the angels are very close and available to people in every way. The light potential increases and changes taking place in the brain that is stimulated. Because all the bodies move in the crystalline matrix. Choirs of angels are present. Their tones change the sound and vibrations. They permeate the space and hold up the vibrations. An important issue is clarity and purity.


We define light beads. They unfold in due time. Their particle - units stimulate cell renewal. Each cell can feel the change that goes before  and would like to align itself. The light helps and consciousness structures are changing. A new vibrational level is created and touches everything in resonance with the new vibrations. This process occurs in relation to the existing values.


And solar particles convert the biochemical being on the Earth's surface. The stream of pleiadian light mass permeates the process of new lighting units. The light from the Central Sun is expansionary. It contains codes and structures of full conversion. The light is anchored and the planet Earth is a planet of light. Moving up of the human consciousness into crystalline consciousness changes the souls and healing occurs in a larger field.


We avail ourselves of thoughts - telepathy and send it to the Earth to cause a new healing alignment. Our telepathy strength is high and change the light levels present in an additional measure. It makes great fun to serve the humanity. New technologies and practices are waiting soon to come or used to be designed. And as always also the pleiadian fleet stands firmly on the side to reveal new.


Finally, we would like to ask the humanity to open more on the possibilities of life and for the laws of the universe. We are from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Pleiadian Council. We are with all love and commitment engaged in helping the ascension of the energies.Prepare for interesting times. You begin to unfold. Cyron greets you in solidarity and gratitude from his ship. Be ready to hold the light!"



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3/2/2018  Cyron of the Pleiades



„Beloved souls and light bringers,


Cyron speaks into another language and wavelength than human beings. Often we signal you telepathic messages, give tips, respect and recognition for your services. The energy has entered into a phase in which certain systems can change jerkily. The suction of the light prepares big changes. They shape at the level of the perception, the cell level and the matter. The flow of the movement and renewal raises your expression.


Now for many among you the time has come to open as a light servant. This service contains many facets and a new way of thinking. As a ground crew is your contact and signpost. The greater and the further the light shines in you, the more your will other touches by your service. Everybody which starts finds its way and his duties.


Cyron speaks to you as a companion. Full of circumspection and devotion we are in your field and hold the light of the upper spheres. It lights up your hearts and flows out by many units and soul structures. True love is anchored in all and extends. Cyron is aware of the mercy which manifests itself by the creation on earth. The mercy is always present and accessibly for those which decide on it. The unreasonable is held from you. Developments are promoted.


Our team is trained to adapt itself to the given situations. We connect light units, clear rooms, and our light language wakes up sleeping generations. We interweave dimension streams with each other and bind the low layers of energetic depositions. With our presence and our existence we generate a tie of the communication of non-verbal language. Points of light create changes in awareness and the spreading of remedial impulses. The production of interstellar connections promotes the awakening and the devotion to find the way back to yourselves.


With big joy we are in this phase of your Ascension on your side. Modest we line up with other star communities to pave the ascension way. Cyron greets you from his ship. Joyful anticipation!“



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11/01/2017 Cyron of the Pleiades




„Beloved Light Beings,


I am Cyron and I greet you! Once again I get in touch to remind of the fact that we stand on your side. Cyron has prepared and is with many other Pleiadians on the spot to intervene always then when it is necessary. Because we are masters in directing of energy and have a lot of experience.


Our job consists furthermore in supporting the earth and its inhabitants and in accompanying. Because upheavels can show vibrations and produce massive changes. Our technologies correspond to the highest standard and are applicable in a fraction of the time. Everything happens to get you space with it you can develop. Thus don‘t look back. Emerging a new life in a changed world of full love.


The signs stand well for your changes and the manifestation strength rises daily. Let the old things go because you know: There is no more holds in things which isn‘t conducive for the time. Dismiss them in love. The soul basic principle of an embodied person is to find out itself and to develop. And in consideration of the time quality, the substance and 5 - dimensional adjustment is less sometimes more. 


The essentials count, not the quantity of the things. Listen to your soul call and connect with your wishes. The movement of everybody is a progress and change. You are an individual expression of embodied God's substance. A lot of coinage had kept you from being in such a way how you are actual. In 5 – dimensional existence everything is different and the impressions and experiences need a familiarization. Enjoy in your existence and in your way.


Cyron, and many space brothers – and sisters are accompany your awakening. Nothing lies to us more with the heart to see you in full joy and in unity. Now, during the coming weeks we lay out lighting grids. They shift energy and prevent devastating behaviour. We flood the atmosphere with small balls of light and substances of purification.   Everybody is going to get another shift and a flow of the new order.


In bigger and bigger manner light is integrated and processed. Consciousness movements take place and you are someone else than before a few moments. Cyron would like to help you at this point. With the words




you are able to make easier your adaptations to new energy streams and to changed perception. Cyron is of full joy, because we never before saw so many lights which move. Cyron gives you his blessing for your other enterprises in the light and thanks for your being. You are the light on earth!“



2015 - 2017  *Cyron From The Pleiades* via Iris Kaehler