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I am happy to welcome you on my website. As an energy healer and medium I live my vocation. My task is to accompany people who want to inform themselves about the ascention of the earth and about personal completion possibilities. Healing can be an extensive spectrum. The spiritual world has given me unique light tools and healing methods. It also gave me a connection system, which has a very high range and can reach people from many countries. So the possibility and my task consists in being able to transmit my services also to people outside of Germany. On my pages you will find a corresponding number of offers which I can recommend to you. For further information about my work please read more about my distance healing and service.


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Here are some information about my work. You will further find something about light codes, templates, gifts, eBooks, healing methods and the UNEA starship connection:




Information about the remote connection system


For a large number of my offers which I transfer over the distance, I use a connection system from the Andromeda - galaxy. Cassiopeia is a spokesperson for many who are united in the divine plane of Ascension to provide readers with information about the reach of this connection system.


Cassiopeia and her companion met me for the first time on 06/04/2012. I was amazed at their majestic appearance. She is a speaker for many who are united in the divine plane of Ascension. Here are her words about the connection system:



Cassiopeia from the Andromeda - Galaxy


"Dear souls,


Cassiopeia speaks to you. It is an honour for me to be here today in this form. We have been accompanying the medium for a while and are always at her side. Because her mission and her gifts are so important to bring the new techniques of healing and becoming whole to earth. So today we have a very special connection to her. With serenity and purposefulness she deals with the work to help everyone in his individuality.


Today we would like to inform you that the connection system used for the transmissions is sufficient to also include souls who live far away from the reach of the country. We are technologically very advanced and with the beginning of the mission for the medium we had installed a network that can cover many countries of this earth.


We enjoy this achievement and continue to be on the side of the medium on behalf of the whole. We the Andromedans greet you from the distant galaxy. May strength and confidence accompany you."


For further questions about the connection system please feel free to contact me:  Contact us




The template as an intelligent light information carrier


 Light codes nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) Frequencies nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) Language of light


The channeled templates contain highly energetic multidimensional light information consisting of codes, frequencies and speech. They powerfully dissolve disharmonies and bring special life themes back into balance. Their energies promote the emergence of new ideas and the opening on a multidimensional level. The unique transmission over distance takes place in individual work. Each soul goes through the subsequent healing process at its own speed. Depending on the topic, the templates consist of up to 6 pages. The energy balance (price) depends on the freight to be transferred.


The PDF file serves you as energetic proof for the transferred energies. The page number is individually different. Sometimes our star siblings add something personal for the soul. These energies are then transmitted by me.


The templates are intended exclusively for personal use. In case of unwanted transmission of the PDF files, or the download of images from this website, a high-energy protection ensures that the templates only contain a natural vibration.



The booking of an energetic transmission as a distant healing application:


The booking of the energetic transformation can be booked at any time. You will find the templates under the respective star names in the directory. After the booking you will receive an appointment for the transmission of the energies. After that I will send you the corresponding PDF file. I wish you much joy with their energies!



Examples of individual template pages: Link


All offers for the transmission of templates can be found at: Medicine of the stars 




Intelligent light codes


Transmission nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original) Translation nicht zugeordnet/l10hp.gif (original)Transmission effect


Light codes are, after translation, very long numbers - or numbers - letters - sequences, thus the highest mathematics in the universe. Their effect is multidimensional. So they take care of the topics to be healed and work on different levels. This also includes the level of consciousness, which may experience higher and more attentive changes after the transformation of the code. A new relationship to one's self develops on a physical and spiritual level. Light codes are a design. They work for themselves.


Through a special networking I receive the complex light codes and from Ashtar and the star communities. The codes, translated with my translation key, are transmitted on the given dates. For this I use a remote healing method and a healing power amplifier from these kingdoms of light.


On the day of the transmission different degrees of adaptation of your system to these energies take place. The light code characters are transmitted individually by me at the transmission date. Here it concerns a multiplicity of signs. Each light code offered by me is transmitted once and works on all levels as long as it is necessary. You will be pleased to perceive the subsequent conversion!



How do the light codes of the healing systems work?


One after the other you will receive the light codes of the healing systems. Each light code then begins to run through your system as soon as it has been transmitted. When the entire healing system has been transmitted, all the codes run through your system. The last given light code runs the longest and completes the transformation.


Below: Medicine of the Stars you will find a selection of light codes for different life themes, as well as for keeping your physical body healthy.


All offers for the transmission of light codes can be found at: Medicine of the stars 




4 eBooks


For english language eBooks choose these link: 4 eBooks




 Blog with Channelings


If you want to inform yourself about the current time quality choose the link: Blog




Giza Signatures


Giza Signatures are channeled signatures brought onto an image with a corresponding energy frequency. Ra underlines his signatures with public messages. They include a historical part of the energetic development in Giza / Egypt.


To use the original Giza Signature sequence sounds for free please choose the unique tone of the German language web page, thank you. For more informations chosse the link:  Giza Signatures


You will find the corresponding healing treatments under:  Ancient Egypt




The UNEA Starship


If you would like to learn more about our work with the UNEA starship, or perhaps be a part of it, please follow this link: UNEA Invitation






The download is a gift. They are energetic symbols in the form of a template for healing the self and for healing water. The star Aldebaran has given us a healing symbol for more self-empowerment. The water healing symbol of the universe, as well as the water healing symbol of the Arcturians, serves water healing and keeping the physical body healthy.


All symbols are activated and work intelligently and independently when applied. A commercial use by third parties is energetically excluded. I wish you much joy with the application!


You can  download mp3 recordings. They are original words of the Sphinx from Giza for the fusion into the unity or use an intro of a cosmic song. These words go into your soul essence and effect healing. You can also use the words for light expansion.


You can find helpful transformational words and tools in the download.  Download english